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2021 Mainland China Investor Intentions and Cap Rate Survey


As China benefits from being “first in and first out” of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly attractive to investors both locally and from around the globe. This report reveals investor intentions in Mainland China by market and by sector, and their cap rate expectations.

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Global Sustainable Events Charter (image)
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Global Sustainable Events Charter

We believe that demonstrating our sustainability commitments in the way we approach events is a natural part of our ESG journey.
Rose Ellis • 14/10/2021
Data Centres Real Estate Fund
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Data Center Investment and Sustainability as a Success Factor

Data Center Investment and Sustainability as a Success Factor

Hideaki Suzuki • 22/09/2021
Facilities Management Across the New Workplace Ecosystem
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The Future Of Workplace

Although substantial questions remain about the future of the workplace, it is becoming increasingly clear that a focus on the office as the sole place where work is done is no longer applicable and that there is actually an ecosystem of workplaces.