Video: Cushman & Wakefield introduces 6 Feet Office

Odysseus Markezinis • 03/07/2020

Cushman & Wakefield, a leading global real estate services firm, has announced its plan to test the 6 Feet Office concept at its Tokyo office as part of their return-to-office program, to commence after the State of Emergency in Japan ends. The global commercial real estate services firm has also started offering return-to-office consulting for clients using the same 6 Feet Office concept, fully supporting corporates as they start their return-to-office planning.

Todd Olson, Japan Managing Director, shared that “after the expected cancellation of the State of Emergency, we will gradually return employees in several stages. At first, only essential workers who need to return to the office will do so. There are various reasons why employees may need to work from the office environment. We will assign the role of “essential worker” to employees who need or want to return to the office without compelling anyone to do so if they’re not comfortable.


6 Feet Office (image) 6 Feet Office (image)

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