Philippine Property Market News - March 2021

Claro Cordero Jr. • 31/03/2021
This March 2021 edition of our report takes a look at the latest market activities in the Philippine commercial real estate sector including insights on the ongoing impact of the global pandemic on the sector.  


  • The construction industry has gone through a rough patch last year as its operations were constrained and the timeline of several real estate projects has been stretched. In recent months, construction activity has significantly picked-up following the easing of regulations towards public and private constructions, driving construction material prices upwards. In terms of demand, public construction is seen to lead the industry as private developers, after taking sizeable financial pressures due to the pandemic, slack off on new construction projects while they wait for a more stable business environment.
  • As the pandemic progresses, more businesses have invested in work-from-home (WFH) software and tools and realized the cost-benefit of the remote working set-up. The future of work points to a blended workforce with companies adapting more flexible working arrangements. Industries ascertain that jobs that were entirely office-based will not compromise productivity and efficiency when done remotely.


The above is an excerpt of the March 2021 report. To read the full report, click on the Download button on the right.

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