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Manufacturing and Logistics

Optimising the performance of your business by building the real estate portfolio of tomorrow.

We understand better than anyone the challenges faced by businesses in the manufacturing, production, storage and logistics sector. Our team of specialists is able to handle every element of your project, from inception to operation. And with over 1,100 specialists operating in more than 70 countries, we are ideally placed to offer you unparalleled integrated services.

The manufacturing and logistics sector is going through a major period of change and disruption driven by changing economic, political and social conditions. We’ll help you get ahead of the industry’s toughest challenges with a collaborative, insightful and entrepreneurial approach, through:

  • Strategic advice on the evolution of the manufacturing and logistics sector based on our global expertise and market research.
  • Support with developing strategies to address the key issues of labour and automation.
  • Responses to market volatility and ever-changing regulations.
  • Real estate strategies adapted to work environments and human resources management amidst and increase in mergers and acquisitions.

Our teams offer a full range of services in the manufacturing and logistics sector to meet your needs, including advising on real estate strategy, acquisition of land or buildings, building surveying, project management, cost consulting, planning, and advice on capital allowances and tax rates. Our services thereby help to boost the value of your business activity and save you money.

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Manufacturing and Logistics

Optimising the performance of your business by building the real estate portfolio of tomorrow.

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