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Strategic Consulting

Aligning your business and real estate to deliver future proof occupation strategies.

We provide you with support in your strategic thinking around real estate, including sourcing of resources and location, workplace strategy, change management, property valuation and arbitrage, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and operational excellence of your real estate function.

How we can help

WHERE: Sourcing of location and resources

Our Location Strategy team works with our clients to identify the best locations based on their recruitment, real estate and operational organisation strategy. Our methodology enables you to evaluate all aspects of a location as part of a clear audit and governance process.

HOW: Workplace strategy and change management

Our teams combine analysis of locations and workspaces to advise you on the best places and the best ways to attract and retain talent. Our workplace team then manages workplace and change programmes that are aligned to your business objectives, enhancing your organisational performance and driving employee experience. We help you improve your organisational effectiveness and agility, such as awareness of your brand, by making your property a catalyst for change.

WHAT: Valuation and arbitrage

Real estate is an asset which can be used to leverage business performance. We help you understand how the levers of your business drivers, property needs and cost efficiencies connect within your portfolio. Whether you are looking to enhance business growth or deliver bottom line savings, we provide you with synthesised property and operational data that will help assess the opportunities and risks within your portfolio.

Global occupier metrics

Our dedicated user portal offers real-time information on real estate markets, portfolio planning, and benchmarking. With this unique, entirely free web-based toolkit, users can model their occupancy costs, taking into account a set of factors to help make informed decisions about location and workplace strategies, either for a single location or an entire portfolio.

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