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Will Covid bring the innovation boost?


A prime location, very-well-appointed space and a mostly cellular office structure: these criteria are at the top of the list for law firms when choosing an office property. But how are current trends changing law firms' decisions? What roles are Covid and the acute shortage of young lawyers playing?

Our survey shows: Law firms are reacting to the current challenges posed by the Covid crisis, but also to long-term trends such as changing working hours models and the adaptation of offices to the modern world of work. The sector is in motion.

Although law firms remain consistent in their choice of location and space in terms of office leasing, as many as a third would like future lease terms that enable more flexible planning. In addition: for hybrid workplace structures, law firms need more communication areas. Decision-makers should take this into account when redesigning their current space or leasing new space.



The most important facts at a glance

Law firms:

  • are actively looking at the tomorrow’s world of work in order to attract talent.
  • rent the most expensive space in the market - in prime locations.
  • are using the experience gained in the Covid era to plan new working models.
  • prefer to stay with single and two-person offices, partly as a status symbol.

Is your firm located centrally enough? Is your space attractive to tomorrow's talent? Which concept suits you, your employees and your clients? We analyse your current office situation, advise you on alternatives and opportunities in terms of location, space size, suitable strategy and exclusive interior design. With an individual roadmap for your law firm of tomorrow.

Law Firm Studie Law Firm Studie
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Move, renegotiate or keep things just as they are: we advise you on your working environments - always with a view to the current trends in the legal profession and in comparison with other law firms.


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