2020 Investors Survey Portugal

Andreia Almeida • 07/06/2020
  • 87% of respondents are active in the market and 63% are ready to submit LOIs.
  • The investors confirmed a total fire power of €7 billion ready to be invested in the
    Portuguese market, with an approx. €3 billion of assets to be potentially disposed.
  • Almost 50% of the surveyed investors have not changed their investment strategy at
    all, 31% are reconsidering their investment risk profile and 22% are assessing
    different asset classes.
  • Appetite for offices and student housing assets remain strong and stable. In terms of
    changes in asset allocation, logistics, residential PRS and healthcare outweigh any
    other asset class.
  • In terms of risk profile, higher increase is seen towards core+ and opportunistic
  • Leasing activity in the logistics, residential PRS and healthcare sectors is expected to
    come back to normality within 3 months by the majority of respondents (vs. the other
    sectors, not expected before 2021 or 2022).
  • 83% of investors surveyed believe that the investment market will recover its normal
    activity and pricing over the coming 18 months