EMEA Data Centre MarketBeats | Autumn/Winter 2020

Kevin Imboden • 16/12/2020
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Development continues across the core FLAP-D markets in ever-larger phases as companies continue their move off-premises and operators expand their data centres accordingly. Many of the hyperscale services have chosen to launch new products and expansions in these areas first, reflecting continued and potential demand over the next several years.


Strong pre-leasing has stimulated new builds throughout Frankfurt, with the largest global operators expanding across multiple sites to meet client interest. Frankfurt remains the largest market in Germany despite the growth of secondary markets in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

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Neither Brexit nor the pandemic has harmed the London data centre market, with over 170 MW under construction and another 200 MW in serious planning. Key sites in Slough and the Docklands remain difficult to come by, and major cloud services aim for roll-outs in London first.

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Despite the official moratorium, possibilities exist for new local data centre hubs and Amsterdam sits among the global leaders for green data centre technology.

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Paris continues a steady progression with initial phases of new hyperscale builds by major global operators. Mid- and large-size cloud service providers are entering Paris in coordination with French companies progressing on their IT transformation.

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Once only considered a market for hyperscale, the colocation market in Dublin has gained in importance as clients begin to utilize the area to keep European Union-generated data within the European Union. Several large campuses remain in planning that could multiply the size of the market once complete.

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