Relevance 2020

Awantika Mohanty • 07/12/2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that our future will not be the same anymore. A change of such unprecedented proportions has created tectonic shifts in the Indian real estate ecosystem. A holistic focus on safety, wellness, health and hygiene will accompany a massive transformation in how real estate asset classes evolve across both their physical as well as commercial aspects.

As the year came to a close, we decided to put together a series that would highlight key asset classes and how the year 2020 turned out for each one of them. Relevance 2020, a four-part video series focusing on office, workplace design, residential and retail markets, was put together by the India research team. Here we present forecasts for the Indian real estate sector based on the current economic landscape, the economic projections over the short to medium term and most critically insights derived from market activity, impact assessment on major occupier categories, analysis of past trends and current stakeholder conversations.

The videos touch upon the impact 2020 had on these markets, the drivers that are likely to push their resurrection in 2021 and the outlook for 2021-22.

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