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Singapore Sports Hub – Drones To Conduct Maintenance And Facilities Management

01 The Challenge

New trends in the construction industry have brought about a number of maintenance challenges. Traditional methods and technologies such as boom lifts, scaffolding, and gondolas are poorly suited to modern, safe facilities management practices.

To ensure that operations met with the highest standards, Singapore Sports Hub set out to find an innovative and cost effective solution that would transform their utilities and services management. In Cushman & Wakefield they found a partner who shared a deep commitment to safety and operational efficiency.

02 The Solution

The Cushman & Wakefield team found a unique opportunity to utilise unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones.

Our Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) qualified operators understand Singapore’s Air Force regulations and have in-depth knowledge of operating drones.

The drones are now used to perform fundamental maintenance and security activities, while also reducing safety risks and costs for Singapore Sports Hub.

03 The Result

A key contributor to the success of this project was Cushman & Wakefield’s experience as drone pilots, flight planners, and knowledge of Singapore’s inclement weather.

As a result, we were able to deliver a number of successful and sustainable outcomes for the Singapore Sports Hub.

These include an improvement in worker safety and productivity, and a reduction in maintenance costs and down-time.

The Singapore Sports Hub is now able to utilise our drones for activities linked to their sporting, industrial and commercial facilities – thus deriving value for their investment.

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