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Sweden Office Snapshot

Staffan Dahlén • 07/10/2021

Q3 2021

This report covers the current office market development in Sweden at a submarket level in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and at city level in regional cities. In this edition, Cushman & Wakefield also look deeper into the concepts ESG and Sustainable financing, to give you the best insights.

The ESG agenda has gained momentum as investors have realised that a proper ESG strategy is instrumental to secure funding, clients, employees and partners. Investors also recognise that without a strategy they risk higher costs and the fact that their assets will not be fit for purpose in the future. As a result, ESG is becoming a key aspect of risk appraisal and will lead more investors to consider financial and non-financial measures of performance in the future.

In addition, the market for sustainable finance has reached new levels and the volume issued in H1 2021 has already exceeded that of the full year of 2020. Nothing suggests the development will lose its pace. As the regulations regarding disclosures on sustainability metrics tightens worldwide, companies will need to enhance their ambitions and targets in order to sustain stakeholders’ interest. One way of doing so, is to enter the sustainable debt market.

Office Snapshot Sweden provides recent updates on the Swedish office market as per the end of Q3 2021. Deeper level market data is available to you by contacting us.

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