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Building Engineering Services

Our Building Engineering Services team can provide all design and management services for your building. 

We focus on the mechanical, electrical and public health elements within all building types, across all sectors and monitor your project during initial construction, fit-out and occupancy stages.

Building engineering services elements can account for 35-45% of the total construction cost of a typical new-build office project, and up to 50% of the cost of a typical office fit-out. To ensure that these costs are carefully managed, it’s crucial that early consideration be given to these elements.

How can we help you

We’re serious about the responsibility we feel towards our clients, staff and the environment. We are strong believers in collaboration. For us, it's not just about pipes and wires. Collaboration is the key to the best results. That's why we partner with you and our project team colleagues from the very earliest stages. We understand what you want. That is why we work hard to exceed your expectations by encouraging creative and original thinking within our teams.

Our team can provide advice and/or undertake all works surrounding the building engineering elements. This ensures that buildings can be future proofed right from the concept stage so that any issues that arise in existing buildings can be remedied early. This is the way to avoid rising costs and preserve the value of your asset.

Adding value – the advantages of our approach

Because we understand building engineering services in the context of the property lifecycle, we’re able to add value through insight. Our engineers are not only capable of complex design solutions but are also experienced in undertaking technical due diligence and dilapidations, ensuring that designs recognise the importance of potential alteration and reinstatement.

The maintenance of your technical facility is crucial. Attention must therefore be paid to fast access and the option to replace. We make sure maintenance is as straightforward as possible, in close consultation with our design team partners.

Our projects build in sustainability from the outset and we work closely with our Energy and Sustainability colleagues to ensure that your design is as efficient and low carbon as possible.

Experience & Resources

Building Engineering Services is an important service line in the Cushman & Wakefield PDS portfolio, complementing our building consultancy, project management, interior design and cost consultancy capability.

Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds in large engineering consultancy companies and construction organisations and have exceptional competencies that are invaluable in their role. We also have an engineering graduate programme that gives new engineers the opportunity to learn engineering within a vibrant real estate environment. 


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