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The real estate market has registered positive indicators, resulting from the improvement in the Brazilian economic environment. The investment in the construction of corporate projects is, by nature, a medium to long-term strategy, a factor that can be seen in the pipeline of new deliveries for the next three years, when the inauguration of approximately 243.8 thousand m² is planned.

Locação de Lajes Corporativas

The recovery scenario has been considered after the closing of figures related to the end of 2020, in which the gradual recovery of the economy and the adaptation of companies to the sanitary crisis supported the return of demand for high-end assets. The vacancy rate in the main regions of São Paulo decreased to 20.1%, with a net absorption of 83.9 thousand m².

These numbers show that the market continued to respond, albeit in a milder way, to the challenges during the pandemic. Even in the home office scenario and the hybrid model implemented compulsorily in 2020, the market has not stagnated in terms of movement. The year ended with 237.5 thousand m² of gross absorption.

Growth of prime regions after market recovery

With the recovery of the economy, some regions have been showing growth and expansion. Rio de Janeiro, for example, is moving from the inflection point to the gradual recovery phase, as the vacancy rate is still high, but it has decreased if we compare the beginning of 2020 with its closure. In São Paulo, the picture is of progress in the face of the crisis, with a stable vacancy due to new deliveries and positive net absorptions, in addition to the gain in the asking price. Specific regions, such as Paulista, Itaim Bibi, Vila Olímpia, Faria Lima and JK, considered prime, strongly contribute to this progress.

However, it is not enough just to examine regions that are resuming their development, as there are other factors that need to be evaluated during the process of leasing corporate slabs.

Important aspects to consider when leasing corporate slabs

It is important to carry out a study on the regions that have available slabs and to evaluate the attractions in relation to the accessible and appropriate options for the company's time. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, the Rio Office Tower has large, efficient and technologically optimized slabs for your business that are available for rental.

Knowing that a change involves issues such as culture shock, adequacy of space, new furniture, among others, it is necessary to understand the points to be taken into consideration to obtain the best result during the process of leasing corporate floors. The best way is to prepare a checklist covering the main points to be considered in the decision process, such as:

• types of amenities and infrastructure that the project offers;
• slab designs, which have a great influence on the performance of the occupation;
• location close to public transport points;
• stores and hospitals in the surroundings;
• easy access for employees and customers;
• costs related to area transition;
• and other interests important to the company.

Based on these guidelines, a real estate consultancy will assess which regions and commercial buildings are best suited to the client's needs, in addition to verifying the pros and cons of staying or moving. If necessary, she will be able to assist in the negotiation of lease contracts, in order to benefit the tenant.

The “Stay versus Go” study, offered by Cushman & Wakefield, is one of the main services provided by the company to support its tenant customers on this journey. It is very important to analyze all the elements that impact and lead the company to make a decision to stay or leave the current property. The importance of understanding the market cycle and taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves at the time of hiring is certainly our differential. In addition, Cushman & Wakefield has a team with extensive expertise in researching and analyzing changes in the real estate market, paying attention to changes in the economy, promoting intelligence and assertiveness in the negotiation processes.

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