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Cushman & Wakefield MarketBeat reports analyze quarterly economic and commercial real estate activity including supply, demand and pricing trends at the market and submarket levels.
Jadson Andrade • 2/4/2020
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The Edge | Volume 3

Read about future-proofing the workplace, over-tourism, meatless “meat,” digital twin technology, a client spotlight on McDonald’s and more.

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Current Marketbeats

Office MarketBeat Report
Q4 2019 Sao Paulo Office Report

After a strong 2018 in the Sao Paulo office market, which recorded the highest net absorption of the last 5 years (201.7k sq.m), 2019, experienced less than expressive results (109.2k sq.m). One of the reasons was the asking rent increase.

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Office MarketBeat Report
Q4 2019 Rio de Janeiro Office Report

Rio de Janeiro’s average asking rent has dropped since first quarter of 2018, mainly due to the high vacancy rate in the city. This environment tends to favor tenants, once they have bargaining power and can choose the best regions and buildings of the city.

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Office MarketBeat Report
Q4 2018 Brazil-Other Cities Office Report

The vacancy rate of corporate A and A+ markets including CBD regions in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, finished the year in 27.6% - a decrease of 1.5 percentage points.

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Industrial MarketBeat Report
Q4 2019 Brazil Industrial Report

The steady decline in 2019 vacancy rates in the Brazil Industrial market has pushed the vacancy to its lowest level in 5 years. Thus, the current rate of 18.5%decreased by 2.4 p.p. year-over-year.

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Article • Topical Report

Neuroarchitecture - What Is It?

Neuroarchitecture is the concept that addresses the impact of environments and their influence on human behavior, promoting changes in the physical space to improve the climate and productivity. The intersection between neuroscience and architecture considers that the layout of a space is an important factor in the cognitive development and in the interaction of the human-environment.

Property Managers: How Technology is Transforming their Role

While the interactive options are exciting, people's level of confidence in robots, concerns about privacy and natural discomfort at their sight, remain challenges to their adoption and implementation. The initial cost can prevent widespread deployment, especially with a slower return on investment. Robotics companies are trying to solve these challenges while promoting the capabilities of current technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in retail, being applied in online commerce and mainly in offline commerce. In recent years, the digital transformation and the spread of technologies resulting from this process has significantly impacted the interactions between brands and consumers and, especially, the moment of purchase.

Corporate Slab Leasing

The real estate market has registered positive indicators, resulting from the improvement of the Brazilian economic environment. Investment in the construction of corporate ventures is, by nature, a medium to long-term strategy, a factor that can be seen in the pipeline of new deliveries for the next three years, where the inauguration of approximately 327.6 thousand m² is expected.

Building Maintenance: Why it is Important

Facilities management encompasses the management of several service lines, with building maintenance being one of them, responsible for strategically meeting the needs of those who use the site.

Smart Cities: Trends that are Changing the Real Estate Market

Innovations in the technological, cultural and behavioral spheres, which influence people's lifestyles, directly impact social development and this is precisely the concept that permeates Smart Cities.


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