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Article • Legal

The importance of Compliance

The year 2020 comes to an end, bringing a different world perspective for everyone, where we had to adapt to survive, adopt new procedures and behaviors in the workplace and in our homes, follow rules of social distancing, wear masks and alcohol gel, without being able to hug friends and even family members.
Marcos Rossa • 1/7/2021
selo NSF
News • Facilities Managment

Certificação Checked by NSF

Cushman & Wakefield é a primeira empresa no Brasil a conquistar certificação Checked by NSF
Satoshi Yadoya • 12/30/2020

Research • Workplace

Workplace Ecosystems of the Future

David Smith • 12/21/2020

MarketBeat • Insights

Brazil MarketBeat Reports

Jadson Andrade • 1/19/2021

Research • Topical Report

The Edge | Volume 5

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Wellbeing and Work Podcast (image)
Podcast • Workplace

Podcast: Wellbeing and Work

We are living a work-life integration where people don’t know when or how to turn off. As these challenging times continue to have a significant impact on employees, have we seen the wake-up call for employers to consider investing in the experience of their employees?
Michael Creamer • 2/3/2021
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Research • Workplace

Experience per Square Foot™ (XSF)  2.0

With the launch of Experience per Square Foot™ 2.0, Cushman & Wakefield is again taking the lead in getting its clients the immediate insights they need to strategize and plan as the global pandemic accelerates the evolution of the workplace and workplace ecosystem
Bryan Berthold • 11/5/2020


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Article • Logistics

E-commerce Growth Surge Sparks Logistics Free-For-All

E-commerce has exploded in recent years, but as COVID-19 emerged the sector has seen unprecedented growth. While many industries battled disruptions, e-commerce provides opportunity.
Benjamin Conwell • 11/16/2020
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Article • Logistics

The Supply Chain Ripple Effect Could Linger for Months

The pandemic and changing consumer behavior exposed weaknesses in supply chains, and as a result, we may see stock-outs and low inventories for months.
Bethany Clark • 7/20/2020

Insights • Logistics

Inside Cajamar

Jadson Andrade • 6/29/2020

Insights • Logistics

O futuro do ambiente do trabalho

Jadson Andrade • 6/12/2020

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Video • Office

What’s your take….on workplace ecosystems of the future?

David Smith, Global Head of Occupier Research, discusses Cushman & Wakefield’s most recent report, “Workplace Ecosystems of the Future.”
Andrew Phipps • 1/20/2021
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Video • Office

What’s your take…on healthy buildings?

Senior Vice President, Building Solutions Group at Carrier, Rajan Goel, discusses the importance of healthy buildings in a post-COVID-19 world.
Andrew Phipps • 1/8/2021

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Insights • Coworking

The Changing Role of Coworking in the Workplace Ecosystem

Although coworking has been dramatically impacted by COVID-19 and the economic downturn, it’s likely to remain a viable and important workplace environment for a variety of user types and reasons.
David Smith • 8/3/2020
Coworking (image)
Research • Coworking

CRE Executive Perspectives on Coworking

The report reveals corporate perceptions of the value of flexible workspace and coworking strategies.
David Smith • 10/30/2019

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Our Community

como o setor de compras esta auxiliando os clientes
Insights • Our community

Desafios e tendências da retomada ao espaço de trabalho

Mariana Coianagui, Head de Procurement, explica o conceito Mão no Pulso das Operações, criado pelo departamento de Compras para fortalecer o trabalho das equipes alocadas nos clientes.
muted (image)
Article • Our community

Cushman & Wakefield’s Response to Recent Events

At Cushman & Wakefield, our stated values of “We are Inclusive” and “We Succeed Together” are at the front and the center of what we believe in as a company. We do not tolerate racism.

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Cobots Edge Vol 5 (image)
Insights • Technology

Automation accelerated: make way for the cobots

Collaborative robots (cobots) have become invaluable resources during this challenging time.
Revathi Greenwood • 12/16/2020
What's your take card (image)
Video • Technology

What’s your take…on technology

Head of Data & Insights, Revathi Greenwood, talks about turning data into insight and how technology is supporting the growth of commercial real estate (CRE) during these unprecedented times.
Andrew Phipps • 8/12/2020

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Current Marketbeats

Office MarketBeat Report
Q4 2020 Sao Paulo Office Report

In the last quarter of 2020 São Paulo ´s office CBD class A office market presented a net absorption of 5,860 square meters, due to a decreased occupancy.

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Office MarketBeat Report
Q4 2020 Rio de Janeiro Office Report

Rio de Janeiro’s class A CBD office market closed out the last quarter of 2020 with a positive net absorption of 6,029 square meters, mainly from favorable results in October and November. In December, the Centro region was responsible for the slight negative net absorption, but it didn’t impact Q4 which showed positive values in October and November.

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Office MarketBeat Report
Q4 2018 Brazil-Other Cities Office Report

The vacancy rate of corporate A and A+ markets including CBD regions in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, finished the year in 27.6% - a decrease of 1.5 percentage points.

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Industrial MarketBeat Report
Q4 2020 Brazil Industrial Report

Brazil delivered 1.1 million sq.m of new logistics parks which is almost two times higher than what was registered in 2019, with 308,000 sq.m in the fourth quarter.

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Investment MarketBeat Report
Q4 2020 Brazil Investment Report

Real estate investments in Brazil performed poorly in 2020 mainly due to sanitary measures, such as the closure of malls and the implementation of the home office.

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Office MarketBeat Report
H1 2020 South America Office Report

South America State of the Office Market for second quarter (H2) 2020 includes Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

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What is the Role of a Real Estate Consultancy?

Changing a company's physical address requires complex negotiations. And to manage them, from the closing of the purchase or rental of the property to the completion of the work for the occupation, a corporate real estate consultancy is the ideal solution for the success of the project.
nota de mercado julho

Notas de Mercado - Julho

Cushman & Wakefield apresenta os indicadores de julho do mercado imobiliário corporativo
Jadson Andrade • 8/20/2020

Smart Cities: Trends that are Changing the Real Estate Market

Innovations in the technological, cultural and behavioral spheres, which influence people's lifestyles, directly impact social development and this is precisely the concept that permeates Smart Cities.
News • Economy

Notas de Mercado - Agosto

Cushman & Wakefield apresenta os indicadores de agosto do mercado imobiliário corporativo
Jadson Andrade • 9/28/2020
alpargatas moderniza sua sede
Article • Workplace

Alpargatas moderniza sua sede

Conheça o novo escritório sede da empresa fabricante de calçados que detém grandes marcas como Havaianas e Osklen, e conta com mais de 700 lojas espalhadas pelo mundo.
o futuro do trabalho
Insights • Logistics

O futuro do ambiente do trabalho

Novos municípios brasileiros se apresentam como polos logísticos
Jadson Andrade • 6/12/2020


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