The Luxury Retail Market France 2019

Magali Marton • 13/05/2019
In a climate of deep-rooted change in the French retail market, perpetuated by erratic consumption, the luxury sector offers guaranteed robustness. Tourists have been returning to France over the last 2 years, the level of openings and planned openings is increasing, as is the outlook for engagement over the short term: all the ingredients that feed the French luxury retail market are therefore in place for the months ahead.

Following a slowdown over 2017, the rate of luxury store openings regained pace over 2018 with 40 openings (37 of which in Paris), representing a 11% decrease compared with the previous year.

For the first time since 2015, new store openings were in the minority with extensions and existing store renovations taking the lead.

Top 5 Luxury Retail Streets

  1. Rue Saint-Honoré
  2. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
  3. Vendôme / Paix
  4. Avenue Montaigne
  5. Avenue des Champs-Elysées

Key highlights:



The number of luxury store openings in France in 2018 36 in 2017 93% of which were in Paris (82% in 2017)
Source : Cushman & Wakefield


Number of luxury flagship stores in France in 2018 48 in 2017 (43 in Paris)
Source : Cushman & Wakefield



Estimated share of Chinese consumers in global personal luxury goods by 2025 32% in 2017, 29% of duty-free shopping spend in Europe.
Sources : Bain & Company, Global Blue


260billion € +2%

Global personal luxury goods market in 2018. €254bn in 2017.
Source : Bain & Company


16,5mILLION € +5,5%

Hotel arrivals in Paris Sept. 2018 (year on year). 60% overseas visitors.
Sources : Bain & Company, Global Blue

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