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The Hospitality industry is changing. Given the disruptive effect of technology and the shifting definition of what a hotel can be, advisers in the Hospitality sector require not only real estate and operational expertise, but insight into the future.

Given its strong market reach, experience and knowledge, the Hospitality team is flourishing in the hotel sector, anticipating trends and keeping the client one step ahead.

Our Hospitality team in Italy is trusted by key players in hospitality real estate, helping you to maximise returns and preparing you for the next move.

What do we do?

Although our personalised advice is always tailored to the client’s specific requirements, our services can be broadly divided into four areas of specialization. In every case, our aim is to help our clients to devise innovative strategies for their business covering all the typical stages in the hotel and Hospitality investment lifecycle.

Capital Markets

Valuation & Advisory



Investment sales

Loan security

Operator selection

Asset management

Investment acquisitions

Financial reporting

Development brokerage

Feasibility studies

Debt advisory

Investment acquisitions

Development consulting

Strategic advisory & research


The foundations of our success

Our ability to support your success is underpinned by several key strengths.

We have an international presence with offices in the major EMEA cities, in the Americas, Asia and Australia, with a global network of advisors, clients and informed market insights across all types of assets in the Hospitality industry.

We’re growing. We hire the best talent in our industry and are expanding across geographies. This year we have also extended into new markets in France and Spain, giving our clients the advantages of a continuously evolving network.

We are an innovative business. We invest heavily in research and insight, getting to the bottom of market trends and using that intelligence to help our clients succeed.

Most importantly, we are a relationship business. Despite our global reach, blue-chip international clients and envied reputation as a major real estate industry player, it is the personal relationship we build over time that’s most often praised by our partners.

For market intelligence, research and thought leadership articles, please visit our Research & Insights page.

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If you would like to find out more about our specific expertise, or discover how we could work with your company, please contact a member of our team – we’d be delighted to hear from you.