Nordic Investor Confidence Index


The Nordic Investor Confidence Index includes survey responses from around 180 investment professionals across the Nordic region and monitors expectations for the next 3-6 months.

The survey’s broad coverage reflects the interest for non-biased analysis and increased transparency. Furthermore, the degree of coverage ensures the findings are representative reflections of current investor confidence in the Nordic commercial real estate market.

We conduct the survey biannually, allowing us to track changes in confidence, to interpret what they mean for the market and to determine how best to respond when making investment decisions.

Nordic Investor Confidence Index Overview at Q1 2019

61% of all investors have an objective to be net buyers in the coming six months.


  • Persistent strong investor demand
  • Strong increase in net buyers in Sweden 
  • Strong office occupiers demand, particular in Norway
  • Sweden has experienced a long and strong office rental cycle, and now believe rents will move sideways. 
  • Continued, and rapid, rising skepticism around retail rents. 
  • Expectations for stable office and logistic yields in the Nordic Region.

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