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Public Sector

As a leading adviser to the public sector, we help our clients face some of today’s biggest challenges.
The public sector has to deal with major changes. Expectations are increasing, while resources are being cut at the same time. As a leading adviser, we help our clients to meet the biggest challenges, namely answering higher customer expectations, developing new service models and getting issues financed with limited resources.

We understand the sector and its challenges, which means that we are perfectly capable of providing targeted advice to the public sector. We combine (inter)national, regional and local knowledge and analyze data to realize the best and most innovative real estate solutions for your organization. Together with you we look for the means for financing. We do all of this based on our ambition to contribute to future-proof areas, cities and buildings based on fundamental knowledge of the real estate market. We are working on the real estate market of tomorrow and are preparing you for What’s Next.

Support for policy objectives

Providing thorough service to citizens and businesses and supporting economic growth are crucial objectives of the government. The energy transition, adjustments in housing market policy and digitization are part of this.

We help the public sector to achieve these objectives and improve property performance, so that your property portfolio is optimally supportive of policy objectives and strategic objectives. Real estate and location strategy, real estate investments, real estate (re)development and real estate management are central to this. We do this by combining our commercial market expertise with our insights into policy, financing and decision-making within the public sector.

Beyond the boundaries of public and private

The distinction between public and private is becoming less clear. The public sector relies more and more on the private market for financing, development know-how and the management of its property.

The public sector also wants to invest in real estate or, on the contrary, dis-invest in real estate, both with the aim of connecting the real estate to the core tasks and to realize commercial added value that can generate extra income.

We advise both the public and private sectors on such interactions. Thanks to our unique understanding of the interests, motives and (social) objectives of both parties, we help them to develop strategies, achieve development goals and generate additional commercial added value with property ownership.


We work for, among others: the central government and its public services, police services, provinces, regional investment and development companies, municipalities, educational institutions for higher education, educational institutions for secondary vocational education, secondary and primary education and cultural and religious institutions.

The public sector is also formed by, among other things: hospitals, healthcare institutions and housing associations. Cushman & Wakefield focuses specifically on the Healthcare and Housing associations sectors.


  • Real estate strategy and consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Area and real estate developments
  • Appraisals
  • Strategic analyzes
  • Real estate market analyzes
  • Sustainability strategy and innovation
  • Purchase and sales advice
  • Asset management

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