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Project Development Services

Whether you are an occupier or a real estate investor, working with a single asset or an international portfolio, we support you with an extensive range of Project & Development Services.

Who are we

Project & Development Services (PDS) in the Netherlands consists of approximately 75 employees: consultants, designers, project managers and support staff. We advise on buildings and their uses, we design both building modifications and interiors and we ensure that they are actually realized - within the framework of quality, time and budget.

Our clients are startups and local heroes, as well as established global players. And everything in between, in almost every conceivable market sector. This means that we speak the language and know the "ins and outs" of, among others, the financial and business services, industry, transport and logistics, retail, technology companies and the hospitality sector. We serve countless owners / investors as well as tenants / users. Although unmistakably of Dutch origin, we see the world as our playing field.

The assignments we do vary widely in nature, size and complexity, each of them is unique. This applies just as much to a brief consultancy assignment as to a time-critical Design & Build multi-million dollar project. That is why we devote appropriate care and attention to every assignment. Whether it is an office, distribution center, production facility, school, hospital or hotel / restaurant.

We like to push boundaries. So we don't settle for the status quo with clients, but we always look for what's next for them. After all, that's what they ask of us, why they engage us. For giving shape and substance to their ambition. With a real view of reality, a pragmatic approach. That is why we "crawl under their skin" at the start of an assignment - we identify ambitions, objectives, wishes and requirements. We test these against feasibility; we always want to live up to expectations. So we speak, read, listen, observe, excite and challenge to determine what really matters. To understand where we can push boundaries; where we can really make a difference. We work this out further together in the project that leads to sound advice or clear recommendation. Or in an appealing design in which the client recognizes himself brightly and for which there is support. Or in a tightly managed realization process; in accordance with specifications, on time, within budget, without surprises. Either with fulfilling expectations. As it should. For the client and for ourselves

Our work contains a fascinating contrast. Because from our architects and interior designers we expect creativity, imagination and constant innovation. Surprising, refreshing, distinctive and always unique. But from our advisors and project and site managers, we demand professionalism, clarity, clarity, certainty, predictability. And all seamlessly supported by our people who work in the office in the front and back office. Nevertheless, we succeed time and time again in connecting these apparent contradictions in our projects. Because in addition to the aforementioned contradictions, we mainly have shared character traits, we call them values. They apply to everyone. Always and always. Such as a passion for the profession, involvement in the job. Sense of responsibility. Interest in each other, in the people we work with and in the world around us. Curiosity about the unknown; to push boundaries on that basis. The will to succeed. And above all to enjoy what we do and how we do it, to be proud of the results we achieve together. In this way we make a powerful virtue of the possible need, of a possible weakness an unprecedented strength. That makes us different, that makes us PDS. That makes us work passionately on What's Next.

What we offer

The PDS team offers a wide range of widely varying knowledge, skills and experience, which we bundle according to the client and the issue or project in question. This can be a one-off, concise advice assignment or a multi-million project with a result obligation. Services include:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Feasibility study
  • Sustainability advice
  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Site management
  • Cost control
  • Architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Aesthetic supervision


Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets team advises institutional and private owners, occupiers, investors and developers on their most significant transactions.

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