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Project Development Services

Whether you are an occupier or a real estate investor, working with a single asset or an international portfolio, we support you with an extensive range of Project & Development Services.

Who are we

Project & Development Services (PDS) in the Netherlands consists of approximately 55 employees: architects, interior designers, construction consultants, project and site managers, consultants for construction costs and experts in the field of sustainability. We design and advise on new construction, renovation and building modifications. We ensure that your objectives are realized - within the framework of quality, time and budget. As a team, we provide professional services with a high added value for our real estate clients. 

How we can help

One of our priorities is to 'unburden' clients. You can contact us for turnkey solutions, high-quality exterior and interior designs, obtaining technical and sustainability advice and carrying out project management. In addition, we realize projects at risk, so that you will never be faced with surprises.
An overview of our services:

  • Technical advice
  • Technical due diligence
  • Sustainability and sustainability advice
  • Process management
  • Exterior and interior design
  • Workplace Advice / Total Workplace
  • Integration 6 Feet Office concept
  • Project management
  • Design + Build
  • General Contracting
  • Site management
  • Project realization at risk

Interior Design & Office fit-out

An office that meets the new guidelines regarding social distancing? A complete redesign of your current office environment? Reorganizing your employees in an adapted workplace or furnishing a building that has been completed as shell? Our creative design team has a lot of experience and all the expertise in-house to meet all wishes and requirements in the field of office design and interior. We have an effective and efficient solution for all types of assignments. In this way you will soon have a new, dynamic working environment for all your employees that complies with all guidelines and protocols regarding a healthy working environment.

Design + Build

Do you have a good understanding of your real estate needs and do you want the certainty of a fixed price and an expert partner? Just one prime contractor or a turnkey approach can appeal to customers looking to simplify the delivery model and transfer responsibility for project design, costs and execution to a single supplier. At Design + Build we can realize projects at risk. You can keep busy with your core tasks.

Building Consultancy & Site Management

Our Building Consultancy service covers a wide range of specializations. We are available for construction inspections, technical due diligence, monitoring of construction costs and development and can act as an expert witness.

Project Management

We are also available for project management for new construction, renovation, furnishing and turnkey projects. We advise you every step of the way, from team selection and planning to design, procurement and delivery of the project. In doing so, we create value for our clients and risks are avoided as much as possible.

Need more information?

Meet the team at the bottom of this page and get in touch to further discuss your questions and wishes.

Meet the Team

John Konijn The Netherlands
John Konijn

Partner - Head of Building Consultancy
Naarden, The Netherlands

+31 302394111

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Bas Enters

Naarden, The Netherlands

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Monique Josephi - de Kort

Senior Project Manager
Naarden, The Netherlands

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Frank Okker
Frank Okker

Lead Project Management Investors
Naarden, The Netherlands

+31 302394115

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Willem Stein

Naarden, The Netherlands

+31 621712146

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Eric Bols

Senior Project Manager
Naarden, The Netherlands

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City profiler image card

City profiler

Today, we can better see urban policy makers as 'city profilers'. They must make the right connections to arrive at future-proof solutions for our cities in the coming decades.
Elsbeth Quispel • 27/05/2021
De stad na COVID
Insights • Sustainability

The city after COVID-19

COVID-19 shows our vulnerability. At the same time, it gives us insight into how we should improve the quality of life in our cities in a future-proof way. Anticipating population growth, climate change, health and our continuing need to live, work and stay in cities.
Elsbeth Quispel • 22/04/2021
De Randstad loopt leeg card

The Randstad is emptying out

The initial cause of this has everything to do with supply and demand. For years there has been a chronic shortage of affordable housing in the Randstad, the economic heart of the Netherlands. This applies to both starters in the buyers' market and middle incomes in the tenant market.
Elsbeth Quispel • 25/03/2021
Auto de stad uit card
Insights • Sustainability

City streets should not have cars

The arrival of the car has radically changed the spatial development of our cities and the infrastructure in the Netherlands.
In order to bring cars and freight traffic safely and quickly from A to B, highways and motorways, bridges and viaducts, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings were necessary.
Elsbeth Quispel • 25/02/2021
Groene steden
Insights • Sustainability

A city full of green is not valued enough

A green environment or fresh air is not often a reason to live in a city, rather the opposite. It is often a reason to escape the city at the weekend and visit nature, or even to live elsewhere.
Elsbeth Quispel • 04/02/2021
Ruimtelijke ordening

The future-proof city

The value of the city lies in its future-proofness. In order to be able to anticipate the needs of the time, vision and ambition are needed as guidelines for strategic area development.
Elsbeth Quispel • 09/12/2020
Ode aan de woningcorporaties

Ode to the housing association

We are faced with a major challenge to ensure that living in the city remains affordable and thus retains its soul and that we feel connected to the city in which we live.
Elsbeth Quispel • 12/11/2020
Whats Next artikel 2 card

Agglomeration benefits are not just about scale

The news that we will not be able to go to the office for the next few weeks is difficult for me. For me, the office is the place to work together on projects, to have meetings and to be able to work quietly, but also the place to catch up with colleagues and my team; something that gives me energy.
Elsbeth Quispel • 19/10/2020
Ziel van een stad

The soul of a City

Now that I have lived in the city for 17 years, I call myself an Amsterdammer; thanks to and despite all the changes in recent years, a city that gives me energy, I enjoy living with my family and have the luxury of going to the office by bike every day. But how come I really feel like an Amsterdammer?
Elsbeth Quispel • 24/09/2020
Rotterdam view, Netherlands
Research • Economy

Sweet Spot Randstad

Digitisation and sustainability will have enormous impact on society in The Netherlands. These trends will change the spatial layout of our country. How can we organise The Netherlands to maximise the benefits from this change?
Jos Hesselink • 26/06/2019
Haneda: From An Airport To An Aerotropolis

Staying relevant requires big thinking

“Good interconnection of urban regions in the Randstad is the best way to create an agglomeration advantage for our entire country. Only then can we take maximum advantage of the fourth industrial revolution.”
Jeroen Lokerse • 03/06/2019
Insights • Economy

The Netherlands is missing out on opportunities

Business location criteria, will more than products or services, determine if organisations succeed or fail. The Netherlands must maintain its attractive position as the ‘gateway to Europe’ and businesses must establish themselves in locations with the best access to the labour market and working environments.
Jeroen Lokerse • 15/05/2019

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