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We combine strategic advice with digital product development for our customers. Advice that is supported by in-depth analyzes based on our data and knowledge.
We think about developments in the market and wider society every day. In many cases we opt for a combination of a top-down and a bottom-up approach in our analyzes. The confrontation between the two creates a lot of insights. We think about the spatial local impact of macro trends that play a role in wider society.

We ask ourselves questions such as: which real estate segments will be disrupted most by technological developments? What does it mean for the competitiveness of the Netherlands if we better position ourselves as one urban area? How will the changing person deal with space? Is it logical that in many cases the manufacturing industry is driven out of the city in the battle for space? Will all stores eventually disappear? What are the forces behind the concentration movement to specific locations that we see in the Netherlands, Europe or the world? Which areas can count on a reduced demand for space in the future and what are the solutions for the real estate present there? Why is the Netherlands so popular with foreign investors? What characteristics determine the rental probability of real estate and what are the differences at property level? What is the consequence of EU policy for the logistics transport axes that are now popular in the Netherlands and Europe?

We share our vision on these types of issues with you and include this in our strategic advice. For us, this is part of the strategic partnership that we are happy to create together with you.

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