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We combine strategic advice with digital product development for our customers. Advice that is supported by in-depth analyzes based on our data and knowledge.

Who are we

Real Estate Strategy & Innovation (RE S&I) in the Netherlands consists of 16 employees: analysts in the field of sustainability, strategy, area development, market intelligence, business intelligence, digital business, data and GIS. We provide data-driven strategic real estate advice to our clients consisting of users, investors and the government. Advice that is substantiated by our broad real estate knowledge and in-depth analyzes based on our real estate data.


How we can help

In a constantly changing real estate market, fast switching and data-driven market knowledge are essential to be and remain future-proof. We work in multidisciplinary project teams and make use of experts from across our organization with specific in-depth knowledge and expertise about the various real estate segments, such as the office market, the retail market, the housing market, the market for logistics and industrial real estate, hospitality and healthcare real estate. Experts represent disciplines such as: valuation, purchase and rental, purchase and sale, project management and management. This is possible from all regions within the Netherlands, but also internationally.

As a diverse team we make the difference with strategic and pragmatic thinkers, consultants, sustainability experts, data experts and with our extensive real estate knowledge from different angles. As a strategy department of a professional real estate services company, we think and work strategically with our clients; we enter into long-term partnerships as a strategic partner. To this end, we deploy our skills and broad real estate knowledge throughout our entire organization. Just like our real estate data (> 35 years of data) and supporting digital tools and dashboards.

We can help you with:

Strategy consulting

The world is changing and so is the real estate market. This requires a strategic view of your real estate portfolio, of your accommodation, whether you are an investor, user, financier or policy maker. Our strategy consultants are happy to think along with you. We know the real estate market like no other, including the investor, financing and user market and the public sector. The strength of our approach is the combination of data-driven strategy and execution. We are able to translate general macroeconomic trends into real estate and the impact and opportunities for your real estate. Conversely, we can also provide advice at the local, regional and national aggregation level starting from the movements at address level. Our advice focuses on area, portfolio and building level.


Future-proof and specific sustainability are increasingly important in our advice. In the coming years, multiple stakeholders - the government, financiers, investors and users - will focus specifically on the sustainability performance of your real estate; focused on the climate agreement (Paris proof), mitigating climate risks, impact investing, the UN Sustainable development goals and reporting in accordance with GRI and to GRESB. Our sustainability consultants support our clients on a daily basis with sustainability-related issues, often as part of a strategic partnership. In our advice, we focus on important developments in the field of sustainability.

Read more article regarding sustainability in our monthly What's Next - The Value of A City columns. 

Area development

The change in the real estate market is prompted by economic, demographic, social and technological developments, but also by perceptions and preferences that vary over time. Major social issues such as the energy transition, housing and the urbanization challenge require a large-scale, area-oriented approach in which public planning is coordinated with necessary investments from collaborating public and private parties. Cushman & Wakefield advises a wide range of developers, investors, owner-users, municipalities and other government parties by providing insight into the feasibility of (re) development and transformation of both areas and buildings, optimizing the value for (end) users and owners and perform the eventual development, rental, and / or sale. Through a multidisciplinary and goal-oriented process approach, Cushman & Wakefield generates integrated environmental quality in the form of a maximized use value, amenity value and future value for the area, real estate, (end) users and residents.

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence focuses on creating data-driven real estate insights to strengthen the business of our clients. The basis of our analyzes, benchmarks, dashboards and insights lies in our data. This has been collected internally since 1984 and enriched by our Research team, in collaboration with our real estate consultants who are commercially active in all regions of the Netherlands. This allows us to combine market knowledge with a local market feeling. It gives us the ability to determine trends at the national level while understanding local market sentiment. The combination of our market data with external data and customer data creates unique insight and offers a stable basis to strengthen the business activities and strategy of our clients. Our Market Intelligence Tools provide them with the opportunity to access our detailed level of knowledge.

Need more information?

Meet the team at the bottom of this page and contact us to further discuss your questions and wishes.

Meet the Team

Elsbeth Quispel
Elsbeth Quispel

International Partner
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 208002196

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Frank van der Sluys
Frank van der Sluys

Partner Market Intelligence
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 208407201

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Jos Hesselink new
Jos Hesselink

Associate - Research Lead
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 208407266

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Nikki Schuermans_def
Nikki Schuermans

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 (6) 15266692

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Laurens van der Schoor
Laurens van der Schoor

Senior Research Consultant
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 (6) 50052715

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Urban Bike Share Rack

The City That Moves Stays Healthy

We move too little. Both the city and its inhabitants. While the population density in the cities is growing. 
Elsbeth Quispel • 27/07/2021
Kalverstraat card image

Kalverstraat in 2030

The Kalverstraat as the aorta of the new business district that is developing in the center of Amsterdam. Where old business comes back in new form, because the businessman and woman is back in town!
Elsbeth Quispel • 17/06/2021
City profiler image card

City profiler

Today, we can better see urban policy makers as 'city profilers'. They must make the right connections to arrive at future-proof solutions for our cities in the coming decades.
Elsbeth Quispel • 27/05/2021
De stad na COVID
Insights • Sustainability

The city after COVID-19

COVID-19 shows our vulnerability. At the same time, it gives us insight into how we should improve the quality of life in our cities in a future-proof way. Anticipating population growth, climate change, health and our continuing need to live, work and stay in cities.
Elsbeth Quispel • 22/04/2021
De Randstad loopt leeg card

The Randstad is emptying out

The initial cause of this has everything to do with supply and demand. For years there has been a chronic shortage of affordable housing in the Randstad, the economic heart of the Netherlands. This applies to both starters in the buyers' market and middle incomes in the tenant market.
Elsbeth Quispel • 25/03/2021
Auto de stad uit card
Insights • Sustainability

City streets should not have cars

The arrival of the car has radically changed the spatial development of our cities and the infrastructure in the Netherlands.
In order to bring cars and freight traffic safely and quickly from A to B, highways and motorways, bridges and viaducts, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings were necessary.
Elsbeth Quispel • 25/02/2021
Groene steden
Insights • Sustainability

A city full of green is not valued enough

A green environment or fresh air is not often a reason to live in a city, rather the opposite. It is often a reason to escape the city at the weekend and visit nature, or even to live elsewhere.
Elsbeth Quispel • 04/02/2021
Ruimtelijke ordening

The future-proof city

The value of the city lies in its future-proofness. In order to be able to anticipate the needs of the time, vision and ambition are needed as guidelines for strategic area development.
Elsbeth Quispel • 09/12/2020
Ode aan de woningcorporaties

Ode to the housing association

We are faced with a major challenge to ensure that living in the city remains affordable and thus retains its soul and that we feel connected to the city in which we live.
Elsbeth Quispel • 12/11/2020
Whats Next artikel 2 card

Agglomeration benefits are not just about scale

The news that we will not be able to go to the office for the next few weeks is difficult for me. For me, the office is the place to work together on projects, to have meetings and to be able to work quietly, but also the place to catch up with colleagues and my team; something that gives me energy.
Elsbeth Quispel • 19/10/2020
Ziel van een stad

The soul of a City

Now that I have lived in the city for 17 years, I call myself an Amsterdammer; thanks to and despite all the changes in recent years, a city that gives me energy, I enjoy living with my family and have the luxury of going to the office by bike every day. But how come I really feel like an Amsterdammer?
Elsbeth Quispel • 24/09/2020
Rotterdam view, Netherlands
Research • Economy

Sweet Spot Randstad

Digitisation and sustainability will have enormous impact on society in The Netherlands. These trends will change the spatial layout of our country. How can we organise The Netherlands to maximise the benefits from this change?
Jos Hesselink • 26/06/2019

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