Cushman & Wakefield ensures that your company operates optimally and in the best possible way so that your tenant is satisfied and stays. We have multidisciplinary teams who are highly experienced in sectors, properties, locations and people who work to achieve your objectives and those of your company.

Cushman & Wakefield is the world’s leading provider of real estate advice. We provide leasing advice to occupiers wanting to revise a lease or find a new business location, owners seeking the ideal tenant for an office and investors wishing to maximise the portfolio in their businesses.

 Cushman & Wakefield is Spain’s most experienced real estate company.

Our in-depth understanding of the local market and membership of an extensive global network makes us your real estate adviser of choice with the right approach to satisfy your real estate needs and increase the value of your property or business.

Leading organisations around the world have relied on our real estate services, knowledge and expertise to deliver excellent results.

Our knowledge

Our expertise spans the retail, office and industrial sectors, covering all aspects of commercial leasing - from searches for properties and tenants and lease negotiation to managing renewals and marketing advice, all aimed at providing services for companies. Our teams are coordinated both nationally and internationally, enabling us to offer practical real estate advice with a joint approach from different locations and with national and international strategies.

Our knowledge

The Cushman & Wakefield way. Your real estate adviser.

Our culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship leads to results driven by innovation, transparency and consistency. Above all, we focus on building and maintaining trusted relationships with businesses, and we always deliver what we promise.

Our teams are also co-ordinated both nationally and internationally, so we offer a joined-up approach across multiple national and global locations.

An approach that delivers

Our leasing advice is guided by three key principles

  • We discover: we listen carefully to develop a deep understanding of your short- and long-term objectives, decision drivers, aspirations, opportunities and threats
  • We design: we apply our in-depth knowledge of international markets to create a strategy that will achieve your goals
  • We offer:

How we work

  • Real Estate Adviser Services
    Our real estate consultant and lease advisory services include:
  • Office Leasing
    Office Occupier/Tenant Representation – find office space.
  • Office Lease Advisory
    Tax on the ownership of real property (offices) (IBI).
  • Retail Leasing
    In shopping centres and retail parks: t
    enant representation of the Retail sector
    Rental advice for the retail sector

    Real estate tax (IBI) in the Retail sector
  • Industrial and logistic leasing.
    Industrial Occupier and Logistics Representation.

    Industrial and logistic leasing advice
  • Tax on the ownership of real property (industrial and logistics) (IBI)
  • Our experience providing services in the public sector property sector

Cushman & Wakefield has 45,000 employees in more than 70 countries around the world. This is what gives us detailed sector knowledge and a unique network of contacts. As a real estate adviser, we add high value for occupiers, investors and owners alike.

Our experience means that our clients return time and again with different lines of business.

Our Leasing Advisory services include:

  • Office Leasing
    Office Occupier/Tenant Representation – find office space

    Office Lease Advisory

    Office Business Rates
  • Retail Leasing
    Retail Occupier Representation

    Retail Lease Advisory

    Retail Business Rates
  • Industrial Leasing
    Industrial Occupier Representation

    Industrial Lease Advisory

    Industrial Business Rates

Meet The Team

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