Exploring Swanston Street

Michael Di Carlo • 04/05/2020

Included in our recent survey of the Melbourne CBD retail core, we explored the retail landscape of Swanston Street.

Swanston Street, (sometimes referred to as Swanston Walk) is very different from the CBD retail core bounded by Elizabeth, Collins and LaTrobe Streets. Stretching one kilometre, from Flinders Street Station to Melbourne Central, Swanston Street houses 310 outlets on both sides, plus a number of arcades and shopping centres

As we look at the tenancy mix, Swanson Street has double the number of food outlets than the main retail core, with nearly 40% of tenancies operating in food and beverage services (versus 20% in the main retail core). As a result of this, Swanston Street features more than half the number of clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailers (17% Swanston Street vs 47% retail core). The street offers double the number of services (19% vs 10%) including banking, foreign exchange, travel and real estate services amongst others.

Total vacancy is also lower at 3.9% vs 7.3% for the CBD core.

VIC Retail Bites – Vol 3