The importance of Compliance and ethical values in times of crisis

Marcos Rossa • 1/7/2021
The year 2020 comes to an end, bringing a different world perspective for everyone, where we had to adapt to survive, adopt new procedures and behaviors in the workplace and in our homes, follow rules of social distancing, wear masks and alcohol gel, without being able to hug friends and even family members.

A importância do Compliance

The situations we face may even be different and our solutions to the new problems that arose at that time required greater creativity and flexibility, but they should never affect ethical values. For Marcos Rossa, South America Compliance Manager, in the face of challenging situations, ethical behavior is put to the test in different complex issues. And if there is an opportune moment to prove our commitment to it, it is precisely in turbulent times, when the tensions between private and the collective interests grow. That is why we must constantly work on reflection and strengthen the foundations that make up our values. Solid and robust values work as a personal compass, guiding the right direction on the choices and paths we will take in the course of life. Personal values aligned with the corporate values of each company form part of its organizational culture and are materialized in the professional ethical principles that guide its business decisions.

Compliance within Cushman & Wakefield

Ethics together with transparency, respect and trust are fundamental pillars of compliance, an area that has been gaining increasing prominence in the corporate world in recent years and which are part of Cushman & Wakefield's corporate values. Within a company, having well-defined corporate values and constantly remembered through actions and campaigns and exemplified in daily life by the actions of senior leadership shows us how ethical values must be present in our routine: constantly present in our actions, words and behavior.
At Cushman & Wakefield we constantly work on ethics, guiding our employees through face-to-face and online training, both in corporate offices and in our operations throughout South America, on the importance of professional ethics. Each employee, regardless of where he/she works, whether in the back-office or on the front line, dealing with our customers daily, is an important part that takes our brand and our values further and further, doing business with responsibility and integrity.

At various times we will be tested in more difficult and complex situations, but it is important to remember that transparency is the greatest defense of Ethics - always choose the path of correct attitudes and in accordance with the corporate values and company rules, especially the Global Code of Business Conduct, as well as complying with local laws in each country.


Three advices for professional ethical conduct in the company:

• Be an example of ethics in your work - you are our best defense;
• It is important to prevent, control and remedy situations of deviation from ethical behavior quickly;
• Always report violations of ethical conduct to your immediate superior, or via the EthicsPoint (tel.: 0800 891 1667).

It is in moments of doubts, concerns, crises or dilemmas as to the ethical nature of the situations we face, or in the business that we are going to do, that we must contact the Compliance department for guidance, which will point out the correct direction to be taken.
May 2021 come with more light, wisdom, success, great results and always with integrity and ethics in our business.

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