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Strategic Consulting

Aligning your business and real estate to deliver future proof occupation strategies

We offer strategic support across a diverse range of business issues, including location and labor force analysis, workplace strategy, change and programme management, property strategy and modelling, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and corporate real estate functional excellence.

How we can help

  • WHERE: Location and labour force analysis
    Our dedicated Location Strategy team works with clients to identify ideal locations, based on talent, real estate and operational objectives.
    Our methodology enables you to evaluate all aspects of location systematically, within a robust audit and governance process.
  • HOW: Workplace strategy and change management
    Our teams uniquely combine workplace and location insight to advise on WHERE and HOW to engage talent. Our workplace team then develops workplace and change programs that are aligned to business objectives, enhancing organisational performance and driving employee experience.
    We help you enhance organisational effectiveness, agility and branding by using property as a catalyst for change.
  • WHAT: Property strategy and modelling
    Real estate is an asset that can be used to improve business performance. We help you understand how your business drivers, property needs and cost efficiencies connect within your portfolio. Whether you are supporting business growth or delivering bottom line savings, we provide you with synthesized property and operational data to diagnose the opportunities and risks within your portfolio.

Global Occupier Metrics

Our interactive web portal, dedicated to Occupiers, provides instant market insight, portfolio planning and bench-marking. This unique, entirely free web-based toolkit allows users to model occupancy costs, taking into account a set of factors to help make informed decisions about location and workplace strategies, either for a single location or an entire portfolio.

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Outlook 2021 Industrial
Insights • Industrial

Outlook 2021 Industrial

Due to the open structure of the domestic economy, Dutch industry has always had to deal with strong competition from home and abroad, as a result of which production is relocated relatively quickly to low-wage countries due to high wage costs. 
Jos Hesselink • 06/04/2021
Amazon office Prague
Insights • Office

The office real estate market is slowly recovering and take-up is rising

The latest figures show that the occupancy of office space by tenants and buyers (for own use) in the first quarter of 2021 amounted to 195,000 m² (+ 28%).
Jan Verhaegh • 01/04/2021
De Randstad loopt leeg card

The Randstad is emptying out

The initial cause of this has everything to do with supply and demand. For years there has been a chronic shortage of affordable housing in the Randstad, the economic heart of the Netherlands. This applies to both starters in the buyers' market and middle incomes in the tenant market.
Elsbeth Quispel • 25/03/2021

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