Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Natalie Craig • 08/06/2020

It’s become somewhat of a cliché to say that we are experiencing “unprecedented times”. It feels almost sanctimonious when I say it. Yes, I’ve stopped travelling to the office for work and now work from home - but I already worked from home on occasion. Certainly, having my children at home and attempting home learning has been a first, and a challenge - but their schools have been engaged and helpful. On the positive side, my children have found a new appreciation for their teachers, after experiencing my impatient and intolerant teaching techniques! 

Here in Australia, the benefits of living on an island have never been greater. Early intervention has meant that rates of infection are low and life already resembles a level of pre-COVID normality. I am aware of and most grateful that even in this most unprecedented time, my family and I have been spared any real suffering. 

So, my worry and concern but especially my gratitude has turned to my incredible team at C&W Services in Singapore. It is a great frustration to me that currently, I’m not able to physically be with this fantastic team that I am lucky to lead. I want to be there to look the team in the eyes, over the top of their face masks and face shields, to say THANK YOU. 

THANK YOU for going out every day into the dormitories devastated by the spread of COVID-19. 

THANK YOU for cleaning and delivering food and showing that we care about those who are unwell. 

THANK YOU for taking risks with your own health in order to help stop the spread of the virus, for the good of all of the community 1.

THANK YOU to our workers who have had to stay in Singapore, when you would usually be able to go home to your families in Malaysia and surrounding countries, whether daily, weekly or at least, at a time of your choosing. 

THANK YOU that you continue to come to work, even though you haven’t seen your families in more than two months and even though we don’t know when you might be able to return home. 

THANK YOU to our cleaners, our technicians, our engineers, our facility managers – to all of our workers at the frontline. For you, it is truly an unprecedented time. Your commitment and your willingness to work despite the fears, frustrations and separation, are seen and acknowledged and greatly appreciated by all of us. 

You are our frontline heroes, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with heroes across the rest of Asia Pacific, and across all the properties Cushman & Wakefield manages around the world.


1 All precautions are taken for all staff working at the frontline. These include use of face masks, face shields, gloves and clothing covers as necessary. Regular training in respect of all safety protocols are completed under the guidance and supervision of our HSSEQ team, in line with all government guidelines and directives. Our staff safety is our number one priority. 


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