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A New Way To Manage Food Waste

01 The Challenge

  • Integrated facility management

Currently, food waste accounts for 10% of the total waste in Singapore – and only 14% of this waste is recycled properly.

Besides compromising recycling efforts in the country, improper food waste management can contaminate other recyclable material..

To address this problem, Government Industrial Landlord retained Cushman & Wakefield to find a complete solution to food waste management.

02 The Solution

The Cushman & Wakefield team developed a food waste digester system based on our agile delivery approach..

The Food Waste Digester is a cost-effective and sustainable system used to convert food into environmentally friendly by-products such as fertilisers..

The system is also helps the Government Industrial Landlord reduce their overall carbon footprint..

As such, this state-of-the-art system is now a crucial part of Government Industrial Landlord’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

03 The Result

The team at Cushman & Wakefield has successfully implemented the Food Digester an innovative food recycling and re-using system.

In addition to lowering the Government Industrial Landlord’s operating costs by 2% to 5%, the Food Waste Digester has demonstrated a number of benefits.

These include improved hygiene on-site, and the option for a lease and own scheme to avoid incurring CAPEX costs.

Overall, the Government Industrial Landlord is extremely satisfied by the Food Waste Digester system.

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