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Cost Consultancy

Cost Consultancy

We offer a wide range of cost consulting services that reflect your needs during the building and project lifecycle. We’ll tailor these services to your specific objectives and requirements, with a focus on adding value and managing risk at every stage.

Our approach

Our cost specialists will be available to work with your team to help control costs and manage planning and management processes. Or we can serve you as an independent cost consultant for a specific project and offer you an objective view of financial health and performance. We are also available if you need cost experts for the project team as partners in construction and implementation. As a cost advisor for a given project, we will be responsible for financial health and reporting from start to finish. We have the experience, range of services and capability to perform each of these to the highest standards.

Why Cushman & Wakefield?

We use our extensive experience in different sectors, with clients from different areas and types of real estate in order to create and implement cost advice wherever your project or portfolio requires it. Regardless of whether a new build, fit-out or refurbishment is involved, we combine global data from all Cushman & Wakefield branches with sectoral trends to get the most relevant information and prepare cost benchmarking, which we then apply to projects or portfolios and offer clients market-leading expert advice.

When this expertise is combined with Cushman & Wakefield’s wider services, we offer a distinctive advantage, bringing cost consulting expertise to every stage from portfolio strategy and capital planning to project delivery and whole life cost assessment. We offer cost management in addition to the extensive PDS services within Slovakia and Europe and in accordance with a wider network of branches and third parties in EMEA.

What services can we provide?


Construction cost advice

- Briefing, budget estimating & feasibility

- Development appraisals & masterplanning

- Cashflow forecasting & life cycle costing

- Cost planning

- Benchmarking and market testing

- Pre-tender estimates

Procurement, tender price and contract sum advice

- Procurement strategy & tendering

- Single stage, two stage competitive tendering, negotiation & turn key

- Tender reports recommendations

Construction contract advice

- Forms of contract – JCT, NEC, FIDIC, bespoke construction contracts

Traditional; Design and Construction; Construction Management, Contract Management


Post contract duties

- Change management and control

- Agreement of variations

- Cost reporting

- Valuation and payments

- Final accounts

Value management and value engineering

Risk management

Depreciated Reinstatement Cost (DRC) assessments

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCA)

Fire Insurance Valuations

Bank Monitoring

Employer’s Agent services

Furniture, IT, AV and other specialist area cost advice, procurement and management

We believe that Cost Consultancy, in combination with our project management, design, engineering and tax expertise, offers a distinctive technical and commercial service for our clients.


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