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SMARTER ASSET SERVICES: Consistency across EMEA so that buildings and people thrive.

Working together to unlock potential.

Today, Asset Services is beyond just managing a building. We aim to satisfy our customers and provide the best experience from working with us.

At Cushman & Wakefield we have teams of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge from the commercial real estate market, which maximise the value of your real estate investment. We ensure your real estate not only works to the maximum, but also offers the maximum.

Unlocking the potential of buildings depends in particular on understanding the owners’ and investment managers’ short and long-term goals, and the requirements and aspirations of tenants and customers alike.

Regardless of whether you are focused on flexibility, greater technical range, compliance with rules, health and safety, sustainable buildings, well-being, or working on your own brand, we offer you first-class building management services. Whether it’s an office, retail space, industrial building or multipurpose building, we focus on cost control, mitigating risk, maximising value and enhancing the experiences that contribute to the success of the investment and relationships with the tenants and employees that use them. At Cushman & Wakefield, we offer data and insight, technical expertise and customer experience from all areas of commercial real estate and much more. Our investment in technology is laser focused driven by client demands.

We'd like to talk to unlock your properties’ potential.

Key Facts:

OUR EXPERTISE in real estate management spans 14 countries with 1,700 employees managing over 7,000 properties.

WE APPROACH THINGS FROM THE BASICS by offering robust real estate management with an accurate reporting system.

WE OFFER SMARTER BUILDINGS by installing/introducing digital technology and using data. We think ahead and make maximum efforts.

OUR ABILITY to provide the buildings we manage and the tenants with what they need grows continually. Our knowledge of the commercial real estate market allows us to clearly see where the value and returnability lies for the right property at the right time.

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