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Bruno Hallé • 17/12/2019
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We are witnessing a thrilling phase in Spain’s hotel and tourism sector. The summer season comes to a close with strong figures and a few misgivings. September was marked by the disappearance of Thomas Cook, the emblematic giant among operators.

In the latest issue:

Developments: Barcelona Global presents its strategy for the city’s tourism brand

Under Consideration: How do you view the evolution of urban destinations in Spain?

Cushman & Wakefield’s Viewpoint: The revpar of Spanish hotels grows by some 4.6% in August, reaching 115 euro

Interview with Javier Arús, Managing Partner of Azora

Report: The first Hospitality Lab points out the trend among investors seeking out new concepts and medium-sized cities

Report: Hotel investment remains energetic on the Iberian peninsula top 5 hotel investors iberian peninsula 2019

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