The Edge Vol 1 (image) The Edge Vol 1 (image)


The Edge | Volume 1

Read about the experiential workplace, eSports, PropTech, women in commercial real estate, a client spotlight on Google and more.

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Discover influential trends impacting the commercial real estate industry and beyond, written by our very own thought leaders.

In this volume, read about:

  • Experiencing the experiential workplace
  • Google on innovation, technology and the future of real estate in an exclusive sit-down
  • eSports: a gamechanger in real estate
  • What's Next in PropTech
  • #GirlPower – How women are winning in CRE

...and many more.


In this volume

Avaya (image)
Avaya: in it together

Cushman & Wakefield recently supported Avaya through financial restructuring and transformation.

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building certifications (image)
The value of building certifications

Gain an understanding of why certification is a healthy choice.

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Building the story (image)
Building the story behind the building

KBS Realty Advisors and Cushman & Wakefield define best practices that maximize value.

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China Trade Relations (image)
Deliberating the duties: U.S. - China trade realtions

As trade tensions continue to heat up between the U.S. and China, much is at stake.

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eSports (image)
eSports: a game changer in real estate

eSports has made its mark on the most coveted generation of viewers and participants the world has ever seen.

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experiential workplace (image)
Experiencing the experiential workplace

How do providers begin to embed experience delivery at the heart of their economic offering?

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free returns (image)
Free returns?

Returns – or “reverse logistics” – can make or break a retailer’s profit goals.

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girl power (image)
#GirlPower: Women Winning in the Workplace

Let’s face it – when it comes to gender diversity in commercial real estate, we still have a long way to go.

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Google real estate success (image)
Google on their real estate success

Google shares how their partnership with Cushman & Wakefield has positioned the company for growth and innovation.

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Heroes at work (image)
Heroes at work: the next generation of talen

Veterans are an untapped resource for filling facilities management and technical roles.

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John Forrester CW (image)
What's Next for Cushman & Wakefield with John Forrester

President, John Forrester discusses what’s next for Cushman & Wakefield.

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Don't get left out (image)
Don't get left out of the cold

Convenience and health food are stirring up cold storage demand.

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The Edge (image)
Keeping you on The Edge of what's next

Learn why occupiers and owners will both benefit from the research and insights found in The Edge.

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privacy (image)
Privacy please

Explore the good and bad that comes with smart technology.

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proptech 2.0 (image)
PropTech 2.0

PropTech is changing how investors, occupiers and service providers do their work.

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pulse on healthcare (image)
The pulse on healthcare consumerism

Healthcare consumerism is reshaping the healthcare industry.

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robots cRE (image)
Will robots take over CRE?

There is no doubt that long-lasting and widespread change is on the horizon.

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Urban Farming (image)
Urban farming takes root in CRE

A new trend is taking root in CRE that has the potential to positively impact millions across the globe.

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