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The Edge | Volume 2

Read about micro-mobility, craft breweries, adaptive reuse, eco-friendly construction, a client spotlight on Gillette Stadium and more.

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Discover influential trends and ideas impacting the commercial real estate industry and beyond. The articles featured in The Edge put you, the world's premier occupiers and investors, on the edge of what's next.

Other key topics to include:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and PropTech
  • Micro-mobility
  • The sharing economy - "coeverything"
  • The industrial workplace
  • Adaptive reuse

Additionally, this edition features exclusive client spotlights on Royal Mail Group, the UK's postal service and courier company, and Gillette Stadium, home to six-time Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots.

In this volume

somethings brewing in cRE (imagE)
Something's brewing in CRE

Craft beer is everywhere. How does it impact commercial real estate?

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chinese outbound investments (image)
What's next for Chinese outbound investments?

Here’s what to watch in Chinese investments.

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coeverything (image)

Disruption caused by the coeverything movement has had varying impact across industries.

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data centers (image)
Data centers: from niche to mainstream

Data centers are now considered to be their own asset class and investors are lined up to purchase this type of asset.

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disaster strikes (image)
Disaster strikes. Is your city prepared?

From natural disasters and terrorist attacks to cybersecurity and infrastructure failures – how would your city be impacted?

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gilette stadium (image)
Gillette Stadium

Gillette Stadium isn’t just defined by on-field success, it’s also a major facilities management achievement.

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industrial workplace (image)
Rethinking the industrial workplace

Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce is becoming difficult, forcing employers to rethink what the industrial workplace looks like.

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micro-mobility (image)
Micro-mobility mania

Micro-mobility is one of the fastest growing transportation trends in recent history in terms of adoption.

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millenials (image)
Millenials find their niche in urban burbs

Millennials are moving to new places made just for them, by them – “urban burbs.” See why investors care.

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trending (image)
What's trending in occupier and investor worlds?

Occupiers and investors need to keep on top of what’s next in real estate. Sharpen your competitive edge.

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proptech (image)
PropTech: Driving big changes

Learn why it’s important to embrace PropTech and the benefits of global partnerships.

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royal mail (image)
Royal Mail Group

How one of the oldest organizations in the world continually proves itself to be reliable and dependable.

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smart buildings (image)
Your building may be smart, but is it safe?

If compromised, a cyberattack on an internet-connected smart building could lead to millions of dollars in damages.

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Timber towers (image)
Timber towers

The construction industry is increasingly seeking eco-friendly building material alternatives to compose skyscrapers.

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What's old is new again (image)
What's old is new again

Adaptive reuse is breathing new life and vitality into cities all around the world.

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