Facilities management: direct contracting or by a real estate services management consultancy?

Facilities management is an organizational function that integrates various services and activities necessary for a company to function properly in order to improve people's quality of life and productivity.


The activity improves the main support processes of a corporation, making it more productive, based on the planning and proper management of services such as cleaning, office supplies, internal logistics and storage, reception, security, courier services, delivery of correspondence, among others. others.

This range of services can be contracted in two ways:

  • Managing agent - contracts are signed between the plaintiff and service providers, but the manager can mediate the search for suppliers, qualification, scope determination, SLAs and still be responsible for managing the services after contracting;
  • Principal - the plaintiff enters into a contract with the manager and from then on the contracts are signed between manager and service providers, so that all the processes described above are the manager's full responsibility;

Although the two models propose an organizational ecosystem that will add value, the main point to evaluate is whether the chosen option will meet the needs of the company, within its reality, including optimization and costs.

Facilities management - technology, organization and integration

Efficient facility management optimizes multiple demands for a single solution.

When the option is for direct hiring, a manager needs to be attentive in the administration of the hiring, bureaucratic processes, monitoring and good progress of this ecosystem.

When the company chooses to have this process managed by a real estate services consultancy, such contracts are optimized and integrated. This type of contracting can be done in two ways: when contracts are signed between the company and suppliers, with the consultancy as an intermediary for the management, or when the company signs a direct contract with the manager who becomes responsible for all processes.

Among the main advantages of hiring a company focused on this type of management, it is possible to highlight:

  • The integration of outsourced services, generating savings in the financial aspect;
  • To have a support for the hiring of companies that are legally and legally qualified and to have the monitoring of the provision of services;
  • Investment planning, aiming to obtain the best strategy to meet the company's demands and costs;
  • Accountability for the services delivered.

These benefits are part of an extensive range of services needed by a company that, if it were to do it on its own, would make the process much more complex and expensive. It is from there that the expertise of a consultancy in the industry comes into action, offering more attractive prices and making a complete follow-up of deliveries, saving both costs and administrative time.

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