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Building Refurbishment

International landlords and investors look for buildings with the best functional mix along with minimum operating costs. However, this balance is hard to find in assets that were built in the past. This is why it is necessary to enhance the value of properties to improve flexibility, efficiency and sustainability.

The PDS Building Refurbishment Team has extensive experience in dealing with obsolete and dilapidated assets. This enables us to give buildings new life by remodeling the interior spaces and challenging the original architecture.

Building analysis

Our investigation starts from an accurate building survey, which allows for the analysis of technical specifications, area measurement and space-efficiency evaluation.

Refurbishment appraisal

With the goal of redeveloping and increasing the value of an asset, we identify the best opportunities for making a building more attractive to end users and investors.
Our expertise in and in-depth understanding of properties ensure that the final result meets current and future market needs.

Our assessment will focus on:

  • Commercial identity:
    With the support of our Office and Retail Agency teams, we guarantee that the property is recognized on the real estate market.
  • Space efficiency:
    Our focus on building strategy targets intended use, best mix, access management, internal circulation, occupancy verification and organization strategy (horizontal/vertical/single and multi-tenant options).
  • Design solutions:
    We select the most appropriate architectural design, foreseeing environmental, technological and legislative changes and modernizing a building’s facilities to attract new tenants.
  • Technological endorsement:
    The selection of suitable building systems will guarantee cost savings and consumption monitoring.
  • Sustainability:
    As part of the refurbishment programme, we ensure that the building meets the most stringent environmental standards.

In-House Design and Project Management

We coordinate all stages of the refurbishment, from project inception to the delivery of the building. By providing in-house design and project management services, at C&W we ensure the successful completion of all projects, through direct control of costs, quality and the development schedule.

Services provided:


  • Strategic briefs
  • Integrated architectural design throughout all stages
  • Engineering coordination
  • Statutory-process management

Project Management

  • General project coordination
  • Time and cost control
  • Tendering process
  • Value engineering
  • Reporting
  • Coordinating contractors
  • Handover

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