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The evolving ecosystem of the workplace

Asaël Akkerman • 01/07/2021
The headlines have been full of predictions and statements about the return to the workplace lately, but what's the right approach?

Most agree that remote working has become indispensable, but people also want to come to the office to collaborate, innovate, learn and feel connected. Many organizations are responding with new office visit policies, and some are quite rigid. The latest insights from the Experience per Square FootTM XSF show that the most successful organizations are those that give employees the freedom to choose where they work.

Learn more about XSF and see additional insights about different groups of employees in the evolving workplace ecosystem.

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Amsterdam shops closed due to coronavirus
Insights • Economy

Netherlands Real Estate Market View

A regular update on the commercial real estate market in The Netherlands.
Jos Hesselink • 11/08/2021
Value of the workplace card
Insights • Office

Not a pandemic, but demographics will decide the future and value of the office

The global pandemic has massively accelerated our understanding of the opportunities for remote working. Those who only need a computer and telephone for their work have been putting home working to the test en masse since mid-March and, thanks to technology, have confirmed that this throws up few obstacles.
Jan Verhaegh • 06/10/2020
Utrecht stationsgebied
Insights • Office

Infographic: Utrecht second business center in the Netherlands after Zuidas

The demand for offices in the Netherlands is increasingly focused on high-quality office space in very easily accessible locations in large cities.
Jos Hesselink • 01/07/2020
Rotterdam view, Netherlands
Research • Economy

Sweet Spot Randstad

Digitisation and sustainability will have enormous impact on society in The Netherlands. These trends will change the spatial layout of our country. How can we organise The Netherlands to maximise the benefits from this change?
Jos Hesselink • 26/06/2019
Future of workplace Report
Insights • Workplace

How to keep engagement up with new employees

Our latest Experience per Square FootTM (XSF) employee engagement findings come as a pleasant surprise: Employees with less than a year's tenure, who often have yet to enter an office or meet colleagues in person, are still doing very well.
Asaël Akkerman • 28/06/2021
Employees Working in Open Office
Insights • Workplace

Benefits of returning to the office

Jan Verhaegh • 07/06/2021
Insights • Workplace

2020 Gedragsverandering kantoor

Asaël Akkerman • 14/09/2020
workplace (image)
Insights • Workplace

Experiencing the Experiential Workplace

As the experience economy continues to mature, both real estate owners and occupiers must think differently about competitive differentiation.
Suzanne Mehta • 31/12/2018
Atlanta employment update
Article • Office

ATLANTA - Employment Update

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, Metro Atlanta enjoyed a period of significant economic growth. Although the pandemic caused major global disruptions, employment fundamentals have improved substantially.
Christa DiLalo • 21/09/2021
Glass office facade with tree Australia

Commodities Volatility

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2021: Increasing demand for construction materials, limited product inventory and supply chain disruptions are driving up construction costs and resulting in longer lead times for obtaining materials
David Smith • 16/09/2021
Cushman & Wakefield Named World’s Best Real Estate Advisor and Consultant by Euromoney for Fourth Consecutive Year

Globally, Cushman & Wakefield was also ranked the No. 1 advisor and consultant for Property Valuation and Research, each for the fourth consecutive year; No. 1 in Agency Letting/Sales for the third consecutive year; and No. 1 Investment Managers for the second consecutive year.

Siew Wong • 16/09/2021


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