2019 Cool Streets Report


A new breed of retailers is connecting with millennial consumers on their own terms at that seemingly disappearing mid-market price point. This phenomenon is not happening in the malls or High streets or Main streets, but on what we call the COOL STREETS.

Cool Streets 2019 Edition

CHICAGO - October 8, 2019 - The renaissance occurring on these COOL STREETS has been driven by an explosion of new restaurant and retail concepts.

Make no mistake about it, these are largely hipster neighborhoods notable for their embrace of the unconventional, out-of-the-box, and the cool. But they are also up-and-coming trade areas driven by dramatic demographic shifts and the preference for urban living. In an age of increasing retail uncertainty, COOL STREETS serve as an incubator of sorts for what will likely be the hottest new retail concepts of tomorrow. Take a look at the 2019 Cool Streets Report.