Building Maintenance: Why it is Important to Pay Attention to this Service

Facilities management encompasses the management of several service lines, with building maintenance being one of them, responsible for strategically meeting the needs of those who use the site.


The Facilities Management concept is linked to an organizational function that integrates people, processes and places (called built environment), with the purpose of improving such processes and the quality of life of people, in addition to generating more productivity and integration of the core activity that the place holds.

In this scope, building maintenance is a service within a condominium, responsible for taking care of the building's assets, such as: electrical, hydraulic systems, fire, security, communication, air conditioning, among others. Its mission is to maintain the order of this ecosystem, as well as to extend its useful life.

Building maintenance, in practice, means: preventive analysis, monitoring, execution and corresponds to a planned work from the installation, through the frequency of preventive actions, possible substitutions of assets and movement of the site, so that these actions happen until the measurement of impacts caused in the day-to-day life of that place and whoever uses it.

Building maintenance - extending the useful life of assets

The various types of services performed by building maintenance have the important mission of preserving, through monitoring, and replacing assets, if necessary. If this responsibility is neglected, the consequences will be costly and harmful to people's physical integrity.

Therefore, the assets of this location need to be valued intelligently and with a focus on risk management. Those responsible for this area will need to draw up strategic planning, so that execution is centered on extending the useful life of assets

Focus on people's best experience

Maintenance, if well done, will help to reduce costs and improve the quality of integrated management of corporate buildings.

However, the Brazilian market is lacking in qualified and experienced companies in this segment. Cushman & Wakefield masters this demand with mastery.

The company, with a focus on managing contracts for large corporate condominiums, offers the direct provision of other services, including building maintenance, precisely because it understands its importance in the smooth running of an enterprise.

Specialist in Facilities Management solutions for over 90 years in the United States and for decades in South America, the company acts as an extension of the client, practicing integrated management that guarantees quality, operational efficiency, cost savings and comfort to users. These conditions are achieved through the combination of experience, knowledge and systems developed by Cushman & Wakefield, with strategy and quality through improvements in organizational processes.

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