What is the Role of a Real Estate Consultancy?

Changing a company's physical address requires complex negotiations. And to manage them, from the closing of the purchase or rental of the property to the completion of the work for the occupation, a corporate real estate consultancy is the ideal solution for the success of the project.


Such a process needs to rely on the expertise of professionals from different sectors. These specialists will have the necessary know-how to search for the right property for each type of company, as well as negotiating purchase or lease contracts, which ensure that the occupancy plan is in accordance with the organization's needs, including the flow financial and adaptation of its employees in relation to location and accessibility.

Armed with accurate market information, the real estate consultancy assists managers in making more assertive decisions in their real estate operations, as it has specialized teams in various segments, such as: offices, retail, industry and logistics.

Cushman & Wakefield, which since 1994 has had extensive expertise to operate with this expertise and structure in Brazil, offers integrated real estate solutions for each of these sectors.

Understand how a real estate consultancy can make a difference for your company

To meet the client's real need, first of all, this consultancy will carry out a diagnosis and plan which services will be suitable, seeking the best opportunities, technologies and costs. For example, after the completion of the work, the company will also be able to rely on facilities management, ensuring the operational functionality of the property.

Regardless of the type of real estate consultancy chosen, due to their extensive experience and performance, the professionals who provide this service have specific knowledge to detect which will be the best solutions, providing essential support through specialists in technical areas.

Expertise that creates added value for your company

Another important point to be highlighted is that in the management of services, tenants have contracts accompanied in the legal, legal and compliance aspects. At Cushman & Wakefield, any partner supplier must comply with rules and rules established by law, in addition to supervision so that these services are delivered to provide a better customer experience.

The company also offers the opportunity to negotiate contracts with suppliers, as it has a close relationship with the players in these sectors. And, if there is a need to hire several services, with processes that demand a lot of time for supervision and investigation, with the expertise of such real estate consultancy, the client will have the knowledge that the services will be well managed and inspected, thus dedicating themselves entirely to operations focused on their own business.

Cushman & Wakefield prioritizes excellence in the development of its work. To meet varied demands, the company has a team of professionals trained to map and understand the real needs of each client, acting in a consultative and strategic way.
Get to know Cushman & Wakefield solutions before making decisions related to large commercial properties. From a deep understanding of the services we offer, we transform the real estate market with benefits to the environment of business, society and customers.

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