Residential market Hamburg 2021 Residential market Hamburg 2021

Hamburg Residential Market 2021

Verena Bauer • 18/06/2021

A vibrant city with maritime flair: Hamburg is growing - thanks to a diversified economy and a high quality of life. With modern urban residential development concepts.

As a gateway to the world and a city on the water, Hamburg combines an urban lifestyle along with plenty of nature. In times of change, the northern metropolis on the banks of the Elbe is also reinventing itself, but never forgetting its roots as a traditional port and merchant city. Its unique charm makes Hamburg one of Germany's most popular cities to live and work in.


The most important facts at a glance:

  • Residential rents in Hamburg have been rising steadily for 20 years: in 2000, the price per square metre was still EUR 11.25 on initial letting, but by 2020 it was already EUR 22.30  an increase of 98 %
  • Hamburg, Berlin and Munich are the top 3 residential investment markets in Germany - residential property transaction volume 2020:
    • Berlin: EUR 2.3 billion
    • Munich: EUR 812 million
    • Hamburg: EUR 682 million
  • Demand remains high, encountering a vacancy rate of only 0.5 %
  • Rising prices for let and owner-occupied flats: Residential rents have doubled in 20 years


Residential market Hamburg 2021 Residential market Hamburg 2021

"Hamburg's housing market is proving resistant to the crisis. Property prices will continue to rise in the future.Marc Rohrer

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