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Today's strategic advice is data-driven.

We use digital products and services to substantiate our advice and to provide you with optimum insight into the performance of your real estate portfolio before making your decision(s); whether it is about market dynamics, risk, quality or sustainability. Regardless of the market segment, the user, capital or financing market. Our business development consultants, data analysts and developers are working every day to further develop our tooling.

Examples of our tooling for customers like you are:

  • Market Intelligence - a tool in which checking, enriching and distilling data about the dynamics on the real estate markets results in usable customized information. By visualizing this interactively, insight is gained into market movements within different real estate segments. These insights can serve as a foundation for strategic spatial issues.
  • Cwing Sustainability - the strategic platform for measuring, monitoring, setting goals and reporting on your sustainability performance at portfolio and asset level. The platform enables you to collect, structure, validate and analyze your sustainability data. Both for real estate users and owners.
  • Future proof score - this algorithm allows us to score your property for future-proofing. This depends on various factors such as location, the building, sustainability performance, legislation and (health) regulations.
  • Retail Intelligence - this tool gives you insight into retail locations and areas at any desired aggregation level. With this tool, data is easily understood and interpreted. This allows strategic decisions to be well substantiated for both retailers and owners.

Our clients include:

  • ING
  • NSI
  • Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Actiam
  • Amvest
  • Altera
  • Municipality of Amsterdam

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