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Ground Lease Advisory

Advice on the ground rent, building on ground lease land or recalculation of ground rent.
Are you the bare owner of one or more plots of land and would you like the ground rent to be recalculated? Or are you planning to purchase a building on leasehold land and would like to know the impact of this on its value? Our valuation team, consisting of 145 real estate professionals, is here to help.

Within the team, there are several real estate advisors with years of experience specifically on leasehold. Valuation by right of leasehold is a specialistic line of work that can be complicated. It is important to determine the correct assumptions for the valuation and to correctly allocate the value to, for example, the right of leasehold and bare ownership. Our ground lease experts advise you on and take care of, among other things: valuation of the right of ground lease, valuation of bare ownership and recalculation of the ground rent.

They provide you with well-founded research and advice by using our extensive real estate databases and staying up to date on the latest (private law) developments and transactions.

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