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Insurance appraisals

Cushman & Wakefield is an experienced consultant for all your valuation requests.
For example, we carry out valuations for balance sheet, financing or transaction purposes, for WOZ valuation and we are also happy to be your partner in valuations for insurance purposes.

Insurance appraisals

An appraisal, in accordance with Section 7: 960 of the Dutch Civil Code, assures you of optimum coverage. Advantages of an appraisal for insurance purposes:

  • prevents discussion in the event of damage;
  • prevents underinsurance;
  • prevents overinsurance and therefore unnecessarily high premiums
  • prevents an unwanted benefit based on current value

Our international organization has an experienced team of certified appraisers in the field of building and inventory valuations. Our approach is efficient and effective and if desired we can combine insurance appraisals with commercial appraisals of both real estate and inventory.

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