Co-hosted by Lottie Tollman and Richard Womack, our Realising Real Estate podcast series takes a forward look at real estate through the eyes of the investor and occupier.

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For each podcast, our hosts will be joined by experts to discuss the future of real estate, innovations, trends and more.

We hope you enjoy our podcasts. Please feel free to contact our hosts to discuss any of the topics or future topics you would like to see discussed.

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Realising Real Estate Podcast Ep1
Episode 1: Will the office sector face the same digital disruption as retail?

Richard Pickering, Chief Strategy Officer at Cushman & Wakefield and Lara Marrero, Principal & Strategy Director at Gensler, talk to Lottie and Richard about how the offices sector might learn from the issues the retail sector has gone through.

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Lottie Tollman

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Richard Womack

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Richard Pickering
Richard Pickering

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