Facilities Management (FM) Contracting: Is Trying to Meet Every Need Making It Hard to Meet Any?

Did you know that FM contracting can help make it easier to manage more extensive portfolios and multi-site facilities?

Facilities Management Contracting (image)

So many factors in a real estate portfolio inform the best way to deliver facilities management services. Property type, operating complexity, geographic location, and the priorities of occupants all influence FM decisions, making it hard for one size FM solution to fit all. With pressures to do more with less, reduce spending, maximize asset life/value, and create exceptional occupier experiences, there’s an ever-present demand for Adaptation in Facilities Management

FM Contracting Helps Enterprises Stay Strategic
Change is inevitable, and sometimes the best path forward isn’t clear. Larger enterprises often need constant tweaking and adjusting to remain strategic with day-to-day FM needs. For example, when a boutique grocery chain with 150+ locations across America decided to change gears in the final states of an Integrated FM RFP, we were able to quickly respond with a different service model. Understanding a long-term strategic partnership was no longer the urgent priority, Cushman & Wakefield’s Distributed Facilities Solutions team quickly pivoted to a project-based construction contract to help our client quickly roll out a series of store upgrades. When it was time to move forward with client’s maintenance priorities, we suggested a two-trade pilot with preventative maintenance and reactive repair, to help address the most pressing needs prior to potentially larger outsourcing decision in the future. 

No matter the client’s maintenance priorities, we work to address the most pressing needs and concerns first and work from there. Often, the preliminary approach creates a solid foundation for additional improvement. At almost every scale, outsourcing models can bring immediate benefit by:

  • Leveraging access to expansive supplier networks and tap into buying power and resources not available elsewhere.
  • Reducing costs and expenses without impacting quality through exceptional platform engineering and cost consultancy services
  • Providing scalable resources that are specially designed to do more with less by reducing person-hours and time investments.
  • Boosting connections between the facility management team members and outside resources and partners.
  • Enhancing FM contracting success rates by focusing on short- and long-term goals inside and outside the business itself.

Put the Power of a Dedicated FM Servicer to Work
Whether your in-house team needs extra support or your current provider’s model is constraining a focus on what’s important right now, Cushman & Wakefield has options. Our team can help fashion a contracting model that meets your needs now in the short-term and can easily be adapted to meet changing long-term goals. And, we can get started immediately with no minimum volume, no fixed cost, and no contract. Learn more about flexible options for FM contracting that can help to support your facility needs by contacting us.

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FM Services in Action

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Helping a Car Care Expert Accelerate

A national manufacturer of care car products with a growing network of repair and maintenance shops was growing quickly (organically and through acquisitions) and struggling to keep up with the associated logistics, e.g. vetting new vendors, managing performance, and documenting spend and savings.

Cushman & Wakefield’s managed program includes on-demand service, maintenance and project management. Our team documented savings of 15-20% though TCO strategy, preferred pricing hourly rates, IVR, and performance management.

Scalability / program management

cars (image)
A Steady Response in an Uncertain Time

As the pandemic disrupted business and travel in unprecedented ways, a major car rental company was contending with bankruptcy while trying to maintain operations. As we were already a critical vendor for locks, landscaping, and janitorial, a senior director reached out to our team to expand to additional services after losing a key vendor for maintenance services.

Cushman & Wakefield initiated carwash and gas pump services, quickly identifying vendor resources for much-needed repairs that had been on hold. Our responsive model helped scale quickly to provide trades that are critical to the client’s operations.  We’re now a one-stop stop shop for the client across multiple related.

Adapt to changing conditions

retail (image)
Streamlining Maintenance Across a Retail Portfolio

A major retailer with a large, geographically dispersed portfolio was looking at ways to streamline its maintenance strategy and cut costs.

Cushman & Wakefield bundled maintenance items so that handyman-type tickets that can be handled in 8 hours are less are addressed bi-monthly for each location. Completing all work at once significantly reduced total trips to the site. As an additional value add, while on-site we also complete a checklist of key items that can be reported back and proactively entered as work orders for the next visit.

Driving efficiency & cost savings

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51 Store Rollout in 30 Days

A national convenience store chain engaged Cushman & Wakefield to manage the rollout of their new food service concept concept. The objective was to complete 51 store food equipment demo and installs over 30 days.

Simultaneously managing multiple crews over multiple sites, Cushman & Wakefield managed equipment installations and branding refreshes with an ongoing 2-4-day completion rate. Crews worked after hours, ensuring stores remained open for business.

High-volume rollouts

gas station (image)
Quick Response in Remote Location

When a car ran into a gas station in rural Illinois, 120 miles away from the nearest city, the client was unable to find a vendor in the area.

Cushman & Wakefield found a contractor the same day, provided a quote and managed the entire project from start to finish.

Service to remote locations

beverage (image)
Rebranding to Support Aggressive Growth Strategy

The growth strategy of one of of the fastest growing convenience store retailers in the United States included multimarket remodels throughout the Midwest and Southeast, with a particular focus on rebranding.

Our team managed the entire program, removing old branding components, implementing installs, organizing inspections, storing equipment, painting and building structures as needed. Following a 7-10-day timeline, our team efficiently managed this complex minimart remodels and ensured total adherence to the client’s brand standards.

End-to-end remodel

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Facilities Management Contracting (image)
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Facilities Management Contracting: Is Trying to Meet Every Need Making It Hard to Meet Any?

Did you know that FM contracting can help make it easier to manage more extensive portfolios and multi-site facilities?
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