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Distributed Facilities Solutions

Our national network of facilities contractors drives efficiency and performance, whether you have one property or an entire portfolio.

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Cushman & Wakefield’s Distributed Facility Solutions team is a repair & maintenance management service provider that provides savings & quality service through its third-party network.  We offer a strong supply chain of more than 50,000 qualified suppliers and more than 75 facilities trades. This tremendous resource improves speed-to-market, drives efficiency, streamlines vendors and provides consistent service to more than 125,000 sites annually.

Our professionals provide on-demand maintenance, preventative maintenance, contracted services, project management and emergency services. Through proactive accountability, predictive maintenance, actionable intelligence and continuous improvement, our FS teams deliver world-class performance and cost control to help you discover what’s next for your organization.

  • Supplier scorecards derived from KPIs to ensure accountability
  • Field partner managers for QA & supplier relations
  • Leverage buying power and preferred status through vendor consolidation

C&W's field partner network delivers top facilities trades

On-Demand Maintenance
  • Interior, Exterior, Electrical, Plumbing, Lighting
  • Locks & Hardware, Entry
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Aquatics and water features
  • Energy management
Preventative Maintenance
  • Frequency/scope analysis and definition
  • Customized by asset requirements
  • HVAC, mechanical, generators, UPS, ATS systems, kitchen/deli equipment, doors, etc. 
Contracted Services 
  • Recurring and periodic service solutions
  • Asset rental and replacement 
  • Inspection and certification
  • Monitoring and response
  • Fixed-cost management
Project Management
  • Light construction and nationwide roll-outs
  • Site surveys
  • ADA improvements
  • Fixture installs, disposals, and recycling
  • Energy management systems
  • OEM install, service and repair
  • HVAC proactive replacement 
Emergency Services 
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • No automated call answering 
  • Live support from facilities services experts
  • Emergency and disaster recovery support for all trades and services

Services can be delivered on demand, or we can work to integrate both proactive and responsive service levels across your sites, creating the best mix to minimize your total cost of occupancy.

How we drive savings
How we drive savings (image)

COVID-19 Response for Retail and High Traffic Sites
COVID-19 has created unprecedented effects on retail and other high-traffic locations. C&W can help you navigate this wave by strategizing differently:  reducing costs and driving efficiencies through reimagined safety measures, on-demand services, reduced contract limits, inventive use of interim time and space, and readapted FM programs. 
Short-Term Solutions
  • On-demand, specialized electrostatic cleaning services
  • Handyman and related services
  • Repair supplemental support to internal techs and/or primary providers for trades 
    • No minimums
    • No contact or signature required
    • No defined start/end date
  • Install protective equipment (sneeze guards) on cash wrap and registers
  • Create BOPIS kiosks, drive-thrus and parking
  • Maintenance sweeps of temporarily closed locations
  • Swiftly manage rent deferral notices across portfolio

In the long term, we can help you plan for evolved needs in the landscape ahead, via customized facilities management programs to save money and consolidate functions, turnkey project management services to plan and implement long-term space solutions, and transaction management support for negotiations across your portfolio.



Global Occupier Services

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Technical Solutions
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Portfolio Strategy & Financial Advisory
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