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Cushman & Wakefield Facility Management delivers solutions to create productive and reliable work locations for your business.

Your business is unique, and the experience of being in your facilities should be too. 

We foster a close partnership with our clients to develop integrated facilities management programs that are tailored to specific business goals and informed by data driven insights.  We help you make the connection between the human experience on site, and the behind-the-scenes operations that support them, by bringing together both operational IoT data sources and industry-leading toolsets that uncover insights about employees’ workplace experiences.  By connecting this data, we can help create a continuous improvement loop that influences all aspects of the facility and its occupants: Cost, asset life, facility uptime, customer service, employee retention and alignment of onsite experiences with brand.

We execute the bespoke solution for your organization, employees and customers, consistently driving economies, efficiencies and shared experiences. 

Daily execution is grounded in operational excellence and supported by deep investment in a world-class FM center of excellence and support. At Cushman & Wakefield, we have services and product for whatever your FM business challenges are, from single function or specialty solutions to holistic, enterprise outsourcing. 

We create bespoke outsourcing solutions for leading companies around the world. Our on-site teams are supported by deep investment in an FM Center of Excellence and experience gained as the industry’s largest self-performance business. New technologies help on-site teams optimize building operations and deliver service excellence. This end-to-end model delivers significant cost savings, provides better business intelligence, reinforces safe workplace environments and creates user experiences that reinforce your positive corporate brand.

Unique to C&W are four global Portfolio Services Centers (PSCs) that provide the backbone of consistent operations.  Each is comprised of multi-disciplined, connected teams of facilities and real estate professionals that partner with on-site/in-market teams to deliver fully integrated services for facilities management, portfolio administration, project services, and transaction management. The scalable PSC solution also provides 24/7 support for responsive service, work order management, standardized processes, technology and reporting. 

Our partnership with clients is rooted in a transparent commercial model
Unique in the industry is our commitment to transparent and value-focused commercials. Too many legacy commercial practices have works against collaboration between client and provider.  We balance the cost of the platform and infrastructure required to deliver best-in-class service with your commercial realities, fostering a partnership approach to the most complex FM issues.  We work with you to define the measurements of value and corresponding rewards, incentivizing upside for everyone.  Our burden rate and expenses are open-book and based on actual cost vs. blended or budgeted costs which can be higher, or misleading. Similarly, we disclose all supply chain rebates. And last but not least, our flexible technology solutions integrate the best of the marketplace with your own systems. With C&W, you’re never hostage to a home-grown solution. 

Transparent Value Enhancers   Value Inhibitors
  • Appropriate Compensation: Management fees that balances the cost of the platform and infrastructure required to deliver best-in-class service
  • No Hidden Fees: Charge actual burden plus reasonable fee for employee administration
  • Value Based Rewards: Measure and reward value, creation
  • Transparent Supply Chain that discloses all rebates
  • Portable, best-in-market tech solutions that fit individual clients’ requirements 
  • Compensation that Hides Revenue: Burden rates that are blended, inflated, or based on budgets vs. actual costs
  • Misaligned Incentives: Inappropriate risk allocation; focus on cost certainty vs. quality; negotiated value vs. market cycle value; conflicts of interest
  • Hidden Rebates that influence purchasing recommendations
  • Technology Jail: Proprietary, one-size-fits-all systems that lock clients via onerous burden of change 

IFM Services
Cushman & Wakefield has the facilities expertise and flexible account team and contractual structures to meet your facility needs – Whether you need on-demand expertise for maintenance and projects; a dedicated team to keep your building, campus or portfolio safe, clean, and running smoothly; or are ready to fully outsource your regional or global owner-occupied portfolio.

• Facilities Outsourcing Solutions
• Concierge-Style Experience Management
• Fiduciary Asset Management
• Vendor Aggregation
• Facility Project Management
• Move Management & Occupancy Planning
• Facility Condition Assessments
• Workplace Planning & Insights
• Space Planning & Optimization
• Property Management
• Maintenance & Engineering
• Reactive, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programming
• Self-performance of Soft Services 
• On-Demand Maintenance and Project Services
• Mobile Engineering
• Office & Mailroom Services
• Procurement
• Vendor Sourcing Initiatives
• Base Building Maintenance
• Critical Data Center Management
• Critical Environments Cleaning & Maintenance
• Inside the Yellow Line Production Maintenance
• Facilities Audit/Assessments
• Energy & Sustainability
• Environmental Health & Safety
• Flexible, scalable, non-proprietary technology solutions
• 24/7 Service Center 



Global Occupier Services

Facilities Services
We are raising the value of facility services by creating safe and exceptional experiences for our clients, their occupants and our employees.
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Distributed Facilities Solutions
Our national network of facilities contractors drives efficiency and performance, whether you have one property or an entire portfolio.
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Portfolio Services Center
Take advantage of global scale and local market knowledge with Cushman & Wakefield’s global Portfolio Centers.
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Integrated Portfolio Management (IPM)
Look to our Integrated Portfolio Management team to take a holistic approach to creating portfolio solutions for your business.
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Total Workplace
Total Workplace brings industry leading thought leadership, strategy and guidance to help clients implement innovative and consistent solutions through the use of tools, technologies and best practices.
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Global Occupier Services
Our Global Occupier Services team is supported by the latest technology and a global team that is dedicated to maximizing results.
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Global Portfolio Administration
Our Global Portfolio Administration team is comprised of experts who go above and beyond the industry standard to meet the needs of your portfolio.
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Distributed Facilities Solutions
Our national network of facilities contractors drives efficiency and performance, whether you have one property or an entire portfolio.
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Transaction Management
Look no further than Cushman & Wakefield’s Transaction Management team to reduce costs and improve performance and flexibility.
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Portfolio Services Center
Take advantage of global scale and local market knowledge with Cushman & Wakefield’s global Portfolio Centers.
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Technical Solutions
Our Technical Solutions team, which operates within our Integrated Facilities Management organization, leverages our expansive network of resources and best practices to deliver best-practice technical solutions.
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Portfolio Strategy & Financial Advisory
The Portfolio Strategy & Financial Advisory practice provides performance-driven strategic advisory services and comprehensive financial analytic support.
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