Workplace Trends Accelerated – and Reversed – by COVID-19

David Smith • 6/22/2020

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Which changes are actual disruptions of the status quo, and which are just accelerations of a pre-existing trend?

With real estate having changed so much just over the past decade alone, one might wonder what the pandemic’s impact will have on the industry going forward. For instance, coworking introduced new office concepts into public consciousness, providing a fresh solution for freelancers and global enterprises. At the same time, growing venture capital interest in real estate has led to the rise of the PropTech universe, changing how occupiers and investors obtain, utilize, manage and maintain their space. Both of these trends, along with many others, are now running face-first into the dramatically altered world of COVID-19. 

Although every crisis is new and unique, based on past experiences, we can examine with some confidence the trends within real estate likely to continue, as well as those likely to be halted by the outcomes of the current situation. How businesses operate will need to shift in the wake of the current pandemic and economic recession. Which changes are actual disruptions of the status quo, and which are just accelerations of a pre-existing trend? 

We weigh in on the following workplace trends:

  • Working from home
  • Cost as king
  • The return of the suburbs
  • An occupier’s market
  • De-densification
  • Commuting and traveling 

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