Office pods popping up

Shaun Brodie • 3/31/2021

Edge Magazine Office Pods

In response to working from home (WFH) constraints, two markets known for their modest domestic space availability, Singapore and Shanghai, have recently introduced a third space solution—office pods. Office pods are easily accessible rentable spaces structured around a pay-as-you-go or subscription basis. By establishing pods through both urban and suburban areas, professionals are given the flexibility to choose where they work—whether that’s closer to home or closer to where clients and colleagues may be located. 

Edge Magazine Office PodsWith commercial space increasingly competing for customers and tenants alike, investors and landlords could benefit from adding the office pod solution to their properties. Ultimately, office pods are a solution to several trends that have been accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak, notably remote working, mobile technology, and the co-working office sector. 

This article addresses benefits for: 

  • Investors & landlords  
  • Employers
  • Users  

Going forward, expect to see more office pods popping up. 

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