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Adobe India PVT LTD – Sustainability Services For Improved Recycling Efforts


Adobe India actively promotes sustainable practices across all its facilities. It has been working on energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and clean mobility.

As part of its waste management efforts, Adobe India segregates all waste generated in its facilities. After being separated manually, the waste is sent for environmentally safe treatment and disposal.

However, the existing process was not entirely successful. It lacked the intended goal of efficiently recycling all waste, with zero waste going to landfills.

For this particular problem, the client required a practical, affordable and effective solution for waste management, and engaged Cushman & Wakefield for this project.

The team at Cushman & Wakefield was already enjoying a relationship with the client, and had been guiding them throughout their journey.


Cushman & Wakefield’s sustainability team proposed the introduction of a Centralised Waste Collection Practice at Adobe India’s facilities.

Upon convincing the client of its effectiveness, the team came up with a detailed proposal comprising bin locations, combinations, costs, and signage to label the bins.

They worked on floor plans and surveyed physical locations to minimise clutter, maximise usage, and optimise costs.

The team considered possible resistance from the employees and worked on a communication plan to gain support and cooperation.


Upon two months of monitoring, the sustainability team observed 100% compliance from the employees at Adobe India. Waste was deposited in the designated locations, and in the right bins.

This led to more effective and quicker handling of various waste streams. Hence, it allowed for more efficient treatment and disposal.

Overall, we have helped the client commit to maximising recycling and reuse of their waste when possible, at a level that far exceeds the norm. 


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