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Hero XL Outlook 2021 Hero XS Outlook 2021


Jos Hesselink • 25/05/2022
Our Outlook addresses the main challenges, opportunities and developments expected within the Dutch real estate market.

Four global trends

Although uncertainty continues to reign in the short term, a number of uncertainties have also been removed in the past year. The Dutch population will continue to grow strongly in the coming year, which means that the housing market will continue to be tight. Producers and traders exporting to the UK will have to deal with stricter customs controls this year. Thanks to the Climate Summit in Glasgow (2021), we know that it is not easy to keep the global temperature rise, as a result of man-made climate change, below two degrees.

From a cyclical point of view, in 2022 we will have to deal with great uncertainty surrounding themes as a pandemic and interest and price developments and the structural transition processes are becoming increasingly clear in all areas of the economy. This also explains the dynamics in the commercial real estate markets, in which four main multi-year trends can be distinguished.

  • Digitization (Fourth Industrial Revolution)
  • Resilient economy and society
  • Scarcity Economy
  • Institutionalization of sustainability


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