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Outlook 2021 - Retail

Arjen Boesveldt • 02/02/2021
Our Outlook 2021 addresses the main challenges, opportunities and developments expected within the Dutch real estate market.
Retailers have recently shown exceptional resilience and adaptability in a particularly challenging situation. The Outlook 2021 - Retail takes you through our expectations for the retail market, including:


In the retail market, stakeholders were already looking for a 'New Normal' before the lockdown, knowing that the offline retail market is undergoing major structural changes as a result of the advent of alternative information and sales channels. The pandemic has accelerated and made visible these slow structural changes.


Both institutional and private investors are anticipating the post-corona era with a strong focus on retail real estate in the convenience segment.

Fast Forward

Great uncertainty about the course and impact of the corona pandemic has meant that, although depending on subsectors, almost all retailers with a non-daily product range are in economic dire straits. The actual consequences will present themselves in the course of 2021.


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